One common characteristic of successful MLM marketers is their ability to build a thriving team. Meanwhile sponsoring people into your team is the most challenging aspect of network marketing. Those who successfully tackle the challenge invariably go on to become the superstars of network marketing. And those who fail in MLM usually were unable to build successful teams.

But there is more to building a solid, thriving MLM team than simply sponsoring people into your network. You must also be able to keep these new distributors burning with zeal and enthusiasm. Below are five tested ways of doing that:

Be Committed To Your Business Success: this means you should not keep failure as an option. Above all, it means that you will stick to your business through thick and thin. This mindset is necessary because there will surely be dull moments and tough times as you progress in your business.

In fact, it is most likely that you will not see much progress in your MLM business within the first few months—maybe even a year. So you need to resolve beforehand that initial poor results will not make you beat a retreat.

Remember that success in this business comes only after a momentum has been established; meanwhile most newcomers into MLM give up just when that momentum is about to set in! Do not be one of them.

The first few persons you recruited into your team are likely to observe and imitate this trait in you. And you are well on your way to building a solid team!

Be a Leader: it is practically impossible to build a successful team of network marketers if your new guys do not see you as a leader in some ways. For example, how can the new distributors take you and the business seriously if you cannot answer simple questions they may have regarding the network company?

This calls on you to demonstrate leadership qualities. Above all, you should be knowledgeable; learn all you can about the company, the business opportunity, the compensation plan and all. Avail yourself of all resources the company has provided. Watch training and orientation videos.

Get ideas from your upline and other leaders in the company. This will provide you with positive information. Your team members will then see you as a leader and want to imitate you.

Be Motivating: different things motivate different persons. But in network marketing, perhaps nothing is more inspiring than great results.

So share your achievements with your team members. But also make it a point to include obstacles you had to overcome to achieve those results. The later part is even more inspiring than merely telling them what you have achieved.

Mind What You Tell Them! DO NOT ever express your occasional concerns or frustrations about the business to your downline! Your UPLINES are the only persons who should hear such worries. This is very important.

If you waver in your confidence or commitment to the business right before your team members, you are killing their spirit. And they will leave faster than you! Rather, make it a rule to always discuss matters relating to the business in a positive and encouraging manner. And always commend their efforts at building their business.

Empower Your Team with Helpful Tools: besides your personal efforts, endeavor to provide your downlines with other resources that has helped you or other leaders in the business. This could be books, CDs, DVDs, or internet resources. Such materials often help in duplicating success.

Building a successful team is the only way a network marketer can realize their dreams. It starts with your own commitment to your business. Then with you reaching out to your team members in ways that will keep them building with confidence so they will become leaders themselves. When leadership qualities spread in your network of business partners that is how success stories are made in this business!

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