How committed are you to your business success? Are you determined to fight all the obstacles that point you in the wrong direction?

Let me tell you what happens when you are truly committed to a goal you have set for yourself. First, commitment provides you with a sense of purpose. That in turn produces inner energy that propels you irresistibly towards the attainment of your goal.

Commitment unlocks the doors of your imagination; it makes you more creative as you then begin to think only in terms of success. Failure and all the things that could cause it are no options to you. Yes, commitment makes you bolder, more decisive and gutsy in your approach to your business.

More than that, commitment helps you to stop dithering for too long; having decided on that business which you know holds some promise, a committed person does not wait for a minute longer before taking action. So if you find yourself wavering on two opinions for too long, just ask yourself “am I resolutely committed to this thing?”

And do you know that both positive and negative attitudes are contagious? Thus as you exhibit a straightforward attitude towards your business success, this will attract resources and persons who have things to contribute to make you succeed.

A lighthearted approach toward your business on the other hand will attract only the sort of persons who will help you abandon your goal in times of doubts.

Now you know the reasons. So how committed are you to your business? Interestingly, most persons would say they are committed to whatever it is they are doing. But are they, really? There is this old joke: five frogs were sitting on a log close to a river when one of them decided to jump off.

Now guess how many frogs were left sitting on that log? Exactly five frogs, deciding to jump does not mean jumping! The lesson is that our commitment to particular goals is only proven when we take definite actions in that direction.

One way to test your level of commitment is to ask yourself is how would you react if friends, family, or circumstances do not support you in the attainment of your business goal.

Yes, there are times in the life of any business, especially a new business, when quitting appears to be the most logical thing to do. So would you quit? Your answer (i.e. your action) at such times tells how committed you are to your success.

Just remember that as an entrepreneur, you alone hold the keys to your business success. So if it is going to be, it is up to you. And there is no easy way around it; you must show commitment.

And also when you are committed to your business, you will keep looking for ways to improve your approach to various aspects of the business. This again is borne out of the determination that failure is not an option for you.

It takes humility to agree to learn new ways of doing things. But committed persons are often willing to humble themselves to learn from others in order to improve their own processes rather than ‘throwing in the towel’ and moving on to another opportunity.

More than just skills and expertise, commitment is one attribute that helps a person to stay a bit longer even when initial results are unpleasant. And most success stories are a result of people staying committed to their course—ask Thomas Edison or Harland David Sanders (of Kentucky Fried Chicken).

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