In its various forms, MLM is presently the fastest growing industry everywhere. In the past decade alone, network marketing and other home-based businesses have experienced a twenty-fold increase to a record 30 million operators or distributors.

And as broadband internet continues to gain a stronger foothold in presently under-served countries, these numbers will surely keep on increasing.

Thus there is no better time than now to position yourself for the worldwide explosion soon to take place in network marketing businesses.

Some five decades ago when the first foundations of the industry were being laid, some persons might be forgiven if they saw it merely as a fad that would soon fizzle out. Instead, this industry has flourished and attracted the interest of all—investors, consumers, and distributors.

And By all standards, network marketing is big business today; upwards of $100 billion in goods and services are sold each year through MLM. And have we mentioned the hundreds of persons who have become millionaires through this industry—many of them very ordinary folks who never thought they could amount to anything financially? In fact, as you read this, hundreds of distributors are networking their way to wealth.

A major and interesting feature of network marketing is that virtually any product or service can be sold via this unique model of marketing. Yes, wellness and health supplements might have spearheaded and still dominates the industry. But at the moment, electronic, telecommunications, legal, textile, and hospitality sectors have all found ways to promote their products through MLM.

And recently, even precious metals such as gold and silver are now being sold by way of network marketing. These are mainly Numismatic or collectible coins. But how viable is this sort of network marketing? Can numismatic coins be successfully traded through network marketing?

A major determinant of success in any network business is the quality and hence acceptability of the products being marketed. In the case of health supplements, once people use them and obtain the benefits promised with no or minimal side effects, consumers often keep coming back. And the distributors and the company grow and thrive.

By this yardstick, network firms selling numismatic coins surely have a bright future. Precious metals such as silver and gold have long been seen as dependable ways of preserving wealth with relative ease.

And the worsening threat of inflation, deflation and depression means that the future of real estates, stocks, and bonds is hugely uncertain. Gold and Silver therefore represent a tangible way of hedging against these threats, or at least diversifying one’s investments. They have even recently proven to be outstanding instruments for short-term trades as a result of price appreciations.

Network Marketing Businesses that deal on these commodities simply make it easier for both marketers and investors to take advantage of this scenario. On the one hand, they make it possible for people to earn reasonable income through collecting, selling and buying numismatic coins through a MLM arrangement.

On the other hand, since products always become cheaper when they are transacted via network marketing, buyers of numismatic coins get a better bargain if they buy from a Numismatic network.

In my opinion, one major attraction of MLM is that it is personally empowering, giving individuals the flexibility of working at their own pace, often from home. And when this is coupled with a product which demand is high, the distributor’s job is already halfway done.

Therefore the fact that Numismatic Coins are in hot demand, suggests that a home business built around these collectible coins will thrive if the business owner gets other things right like how to market this product correctly.

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