The desire to be lucky is as old as the history of mankind. It is just as strong now in this our jet age as it was five thousand or more years ago when men dwelt in caves.

Everywhere and during all ages, people have often hoped to be favored by the fabled goddess of good luck. Or have there not been times when even you yourself looked at someone and reasoned ‘lucky her ’or‘ I wish I was like him’?

So I guess I am in good company if I ask the question: What percentage of life’s success stories can truly be attributed to luck, and which to hard work? It is one of those questions whereby the answer you get depends on who you ask. So I decided not to ask anyone but myself. In search of answers, I read countless personal development books and autobiographies.

My finding and the conclusion I have drawn from my inquiries into this matter is what I have decided to share with you in this article.

Perhaps the most interesting book I read on the subject was “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason. In the book, Clason described mother luck as ‘an impatient and fickle-minded goddess who does not waste her time on anybody who is not prepared.’

That sort of sums up everything else I discovered in my examination of successful people. Forget the lottery winners. Forget also the wealthy inheritors. If luck must favor you, there is something you must do: work hard at whatever it is you are doing.

Throughout life, opportunities will keep presenting themselves to all men in every profession. Some grasp the opportunities by taking quick and consistent action. And they go on to achieve their life’s desires. But the vast majority of people often hesitate, procrastinate, and needlessly delay taking prompt and decisive action. Or when they do, their commitment is feeble and so they soon give up. And what happens? You guessed it; they fail and consider themselves unlucky!

But the main idea I am sharing with you here is that a person’s “luck” is enhanced when they prepare themselves very well and take advantage of opportunities. This is opposed to the idea that luck is merely a desirable outcome that happens to a person without any real effort on their part.

Listen, luck can be attracted! When a person is determined to succeed in life, he takes advantage of all available opportunities; he works hard, learns more about his trade, and seeks ways to overcome obstacles. Luck can not ignore such a person for long. In fact, luck finds him out!

Yes, I know there are a few persons who became wealthy through sheer luck; such as those who won jackpots. But don’t you agree that as far as financial success stories are concerned, these are the exceptions? It isn’t the rule. Trust me on this, playing the game of life on the basis of blind chance is extremely risky.

We can further sum things up this way; the chances of succeeding in life through sheer luck is so remote that anyone who goes about life counting solely on luck to see them through may well end up a failure.

On the other hand, there doesn’t exist anybody who diligently worked at an activity and who did not achieve a measure of success. Yes, levels of success may vary, but all who put their heart to what they do eventually see good results.

So get luckier by working your MLM business harder and smarter! Recognize and take advantage of opportunities that regularly present themselves. That way, when luck comes knocking, you will be prepared for her bounties!

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