If there is ever a perfect time to start a MLM home-based business, it is now. The global economy is still mired in an economic crisis rated to be second only to the Great Depression of the 1930’s. People have been and are still being laid off in record numbers.

Jobs and professions once considered secure no longer offer the security they once did. There is much uncertainty in the air. Even those who have jobs at the moment cannot guarantee that they will stay employed next year and the year after.

As for those already out of job, well, there is little basis for job prospects since at the moment it is much easier to lose a job than get one. Looks like the era of corporate jobs is coming to an end, right?

Nobody will mourn the demise for long though, because there are already alternatives— MLM home based businesses! At the moment, the story over here is much different: while virtually all other sectors of the economy are busy shedding weight, home-based businesses are simply growing in leaps and bounds.

Most persons have now realized that they can achieve more financially if they work for themselves. Indeed, what sense does it make to spend the first 40 years of your life working for someone for an income that seldom stretches between two pay checks?

And if you are fortunate to retire on the job (a rarity these days), do you really fancy living the second stage of your life on one third of an income that you remember was never enough? There is a better alternative, and many have found it. Have you?

Indeed, home-based businesses, particularly network marketing have taken the global economy by storm. As Paul Zane Pilzer stated in one of his recent books, the home based business industry is creating more millionaires now than at any other time. This sector alone (The numismatic Industry) is a billion-dollar-a-year industry world wide and over a 10 billion dollar industry in the U.S.

So this is the perfect time to start your own home-based business and thus position yourself to be part of the massive growth tha is taking place. Hundreds of new millionaires are forecast to emerge in this sector in the next few years.

Another reason why you should get in now is that this is one of very few businesses that thrive under a bad economy such as the one we are facing now. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, as many persons lose their jobs, they are frantically searching for ways to solve their financial problems. And home-based businesses, which guarantee supplementary income at minimal start-up capital often come handy.

Secondly, home-based businesses, especially network marketing has the real potential to make a person rich. And this is true even during economic recessions. Stories abound (and they are mostly true) of individuals, ordinary folks who went into network marketing merely as a way to keep afloat financially, but who within a few years ended up generating monthly incomes far in excess of what they earned per annum in the corporate world.

Surely these are enough reasons for you to want to seriously consider starting a home-based business today. The truth is that most opportunities in the new economy favor the individual entrepreneur. And if you work it right, it’s very possible you will achieve success far beyond your dreams!

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