If You want MLM success or any success in life first, let us examine why the task of building your self-confidence is worth your while. A healthy level of self-confidence helps you to be yourself, it helps you to confront and handle adversities rather than running away from them. It also helps you to persevere despite setbacks. It’s like the fuel or the inner force than propels you along the path of life and business.

Contrast that with self-doubt. The absence of self-confidence saps a person of inner strength. It makes one feel defeated even before any effort is made. It creates the general feeling that one is not quite good enough to face life’s challenges, and so might as well not try!

If you lack self-confidence, you’ll be afraid to dream since the attainment of any goal will always appear way out of your reach. Indeed, self-doubt has long been associated with such negative emotions as shame, anxiety, sadness, embarrassment and loneliness.

So, how self-confident do you consider yourself to be? Are you overflowing with it, or do you sometimes wish you had more of it? Fortunately there are steps you can take to boost your self-confidence. Here are 5 sure ways to achieve that:

Adopt A Positive View Of Yourself: Generally, this means thinking of yourself positively. You are the only person who can change the way you view yourself. And, you know what? This pattern of thinking creates a win-win circle that shoots your self-confidence up. It works this way: first you see yourself as being capable of doing things (anything). Then you approach tasks with this mentality and go on to accomplish them successfully.

This improves the way you view yourself. Your outlook in life begins to exude passion and enthusiasm. This in turn affects the way other people view you, for indeed people tend to trust self-confident individuals. Again people’s confidence in you further fuels your confidence in yourself! And so the circle continues. Just remember that it starts with you!

Set Reachable Goals For Yourself: Goal-setting is one wonderful technique for tracking and recognizing successes. In turn, the more successes a person achieves, the better they’ll feel about themselves. This helps to build a record of competence which enhances the feeling of healthy pride in oneself. All this helps to boost a person’s belief in their competence—self-confidence.

Celebrate Yourself:! Yes, take pride in your accomplishments. Be your own first and best cheerleader and supporter. Each time you accomplish a task successfully, don’t wait for others to tell you how wonderful you are. Tell yourself that you rock! It does your self-confidence a lot of good.

Don’t Sabotage Your Efforts: Your level of self-confidence will take a hit the moment you begin to act in ways that are inconsistent with your core values. So even when you find yourself in a compromising situation, endeavor to act with integrity; do not look for dishonest ways to get out of a difficult situation. If you do, you’ll lack confidence to face a similar situation in the future. Worst of all, it carries over into your general feeling about yourself.

You Are A Human, After All: Yes, you are not infallible. So don’t be too hard on yourself on occasions when you fall short of your own or other people’s expectations. It’s OK to make mistakes once in a while, just as long as we learn from them. The lessons learnt from some minor mistakes or even total blunders often more than compensate for those shortcomings. And that will boost your belief in your abilities.

So, again, how self-confident are you? Well, no matter what your self-confidence level is at the moment, there’s always room for improvement. The first step is to believe in yourself and see yourself as capable. Others will follow!

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