One excellent way to learn good leaderships skills is to start you own Home Based Business. It is the natural inclination of humans to want to be at the helm of things. People like to lead rather than be led. Whether this is due to the perks and privileges attached to leadership positions is not clear.

It is also unclear whether all those aspiring to positions of leadership fully understand their duties and responsibilities as leaders. One thing we do know, however, is that many persons in positions of authority have failed so miserably that you sometimes wonder how they got there in the first place. So I guess you would agree if I say that not everyone is fit to lead.

Of course, the implication is not that leadership qualities are inborn, whereby you are either born with it or you forget it. No. Leadership abilities can totally be learned and mastered, fortunately. In this article, I will discuss one vital way of developing leadership qualities: being a good follower (or servant) first.

I know that the very idea of serving others may sound repugnant to some persons. But unless you are only interested in having people at your beck and call or to have them scurry for cover at your mere presence, being a good servant is the surest method for grooming yourself as a future leader. After all, as a leader, you are primarily a steward of the financial, material, and most especially human resources of an organization.

Your responsibility is to deploy and utilize these resources in a way that produces the best results for an organization. And it often does not matter whether the organization is yours or that you are managing for others; your task as a leader remains the same.

Some qualities that are so vital for success as leaders are best learnt on the lower-level -patience, humility, self-discipline, empathy, determination, trust, and being long-suffering with others. These are qualities that will help any leader to endure the discouragements, disappointments and hardships associated with growing your business and managing people.

Furthermore, people who have observed firsthand the impact of either good or bad leadership are better placed to tell from experience what works and what does not. For example, has your boss shown you empathy at times when you experienced personal disappointments?

How did that affect your attitude toward him and the job? You know the answer! Also, what usually brings the best out of you; is it when your boss drives you like a task master, or when he guides you towards accomplishing set goals?

Whatever your answer, again you now know what works and what doesn’t. So if tomorrow you find yourself in a position of authority, would it not be true that the experiences from your various bosses will help you manage your subordinates to greater productivity?

Leaders in this category are sometimes referred to as “Servant leaders.” It emphasizes the fact that at heart, such leaders consider themselves as servants first before seeing themselves as leaders.

This reduces a domineering mentality in such leaders, and induces the subordinates to willingly corporate with the seniors. In the end, everyone benefits-the needs of subordinates are so cared for that they are able to reach their full potentials. While your organization benefits because your followers are then able to put in their best. And it creates a strong likelihood that such followers will adopt a similar leadership approach in the future. It’s a win-win method.

So, if it is your desire to be a good leader? Try and be a good servant first. That way you will more easily lead your followers to their financial success, and yours.

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