David Wood has finally answered this question Can one build a successful online business solely relying on low budget marketing techniques, such as article marketing and online videos?

Are expensive online advert campaigns inherently superior to the free or nearly-free alternatives? These are thoughts that constantly occupy the minds of newcomers to online MLM. And there’s no unanimity of opinions on the issue; the answer you get depends on who you ask.

But the achievements of David Wood, an MLM high flyer should help us to decide for ourselves once and for all which is better between paid ad campaigns and free lead generation techniques. This revelation should particularly appeal to those who are either new to Multi-Level Marketing or those who do not want to spend out of pocket money to generate leads for their online business.

David Wood is currently one of the most talked-about figures in MLM circles. The guy has been around in the MLM industry for quite some. First he had risen from grass to grace and then to grass again in network marketing.

At first he had used traditional marketing methods to promote his MLM business—cold calling, town meetings, chasing family and friends, etc. Even then he achieved a measure of success with those methods mainly due to his determination. But his success soon waned and he quit MLM.

When he showed up again in the MLM arena, he instantly dominated online forums. First he had launched a blog which in a matter of a few months had attracted over 25, 000 visitors. What is even more amazing was the fact that the traffic-sucking blog was promoted SOLELY by online articles, and yet it consistently ranked on the first page of a prime search engine—Google.

As a result of this remarkable feat, most online marketers are now re-examining their own attitude towards article marketing.

How does he do it?

David is easily the master of article marketing. And although he occasionally incorporates social media techniques such as YouTube, twitter, and the like, article marketing still remains his primary method of attracting traffic to his website and blog.

He uses well written and unique articles and tidy videos which he submits to various directories and websites for syndication and traffic. These articles and videos are then linked back to his blog or the landing page of his website.

I mustn’t fail to tell you one of the things that make David Wood’s article marketing technique so successful: he incorporates the principles of attraction marketing into his articles. He promotes himself in his article contents!

Yes, if you want your article readers to come look you up, then tell them who you are, what you do and how you can help them with their online business. This is without prejudice to providing your readers with useful information in your articles. These are the best ways to make your website buzz with traffic.

This strategy has worked so well for David Wood. At the moment he generates well over 50 leads per day exclusively using content marketing. No one ever thought this was possible before now. All attention appeared focused on how to generate leads with paid advert campaigns, i.e. purchased leads.But now you know it’s possible for you to get quality leads from free online articles.

So, if you want to build your online business using article marketing strategies that have worked so well for David Wood, you are in the right place just CLICK HERE.

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