MLM Leaders are you training your downline? The most interesting thing about network marketing resides in recruiting new members –your downline—who’ll work with you in the business. And if they are properly trained and motivated, they duplicate your efforts, and both they and YOU get paid for THEIR efforts.

Now that is in sharp contrast with what happens in a traditional job. In the corporate world, you merely trade your time at work for money in return for that work. If you desire more money, there are only two options: increase the number of hours you work, or try and convince your employer to give you a pay raise.

Don’t you agree that the first scenario, i.e. Network marketing, is better? Here you are freed from several problems associated with increasing the level of your pay.

As you increase the number of people working with you in your “network”, you are concurrently increasing the total number of hours and income generated by your business and for which you’ll get paid. This is the best way to leverage your time and efforts.

It becomes obvious therefore that a well-trained downline team is in the interest of all—the MLM company, the downline members themselves, and you the team leader. Without their active involvement in the business, you cannot leverage your time, and the very purpose of network marketing will be defeated—which is to leverage on the efforts of a team to increase output and income.

It is therefore crucial that you both train and always motivate members of your team. Teach them ways to do what you’re doing, as well as what your own upline is doing. Indeed, occasionally invite your direct upline and other leaders in the business to help train them. This increases their own chances of success. And invariably, their success is your success.

Training doesn’t necessarily have to take all your time either. At times, all you have to do is simply pass along what your upline or other leaders send you. You surely have more contacts within the company than your downline members, so you no doubt have access to more resources that they do.

Giving them helpful resources that you come in touch with or referring them to ezine articles or some other websites you found to be interesting or helpful can do them a world of good. Those are all parts of the training we’re talking about.

You generally need to keep in constant touch with your downlines, informing, motivating, and guiding them along the way. Show interest in their growth and development.

Training Your Downlines is the surest way to ensure they’ll remain with you and remain in the business. You’ll surely gain a larger downline faster if you keep in touch with and train them. Your credibility among these downline members will also grow over time, and it will be a lot easier for you to sign them up in other MLM opportunities you may decide to join in the future.

Just remember that the ultimate goal of residual income in network marketing cannot be achieved solely on your own efforts. Only a well-trained downline team can make your MLM dreams come true. So you need each other, and it’s hard to say who needs the other more.

In the end I believe training your downline is a mutually beneficial effort. Unfortunately, too many marketers fail to realize this; they simply sign people up, forget them, and move on to the next prospect.

Don’t make that mistake. Stay in constant touch with, inform, and motivate your downline members. They are business associates whose success will determine yours.

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