Are you afraid to call your MLM leads? Does that little communication device scare you to death? Are you so scared of picking up the phone to call prospects? Or do you sometimes actually pick the phone up, dial a number and then suddenly begin to wish that the recipient does not pick the call up?

Yet, we spend almost all our waking hours chattering away on the phone—while sitting in meetings, standing in line, at grocery stores, in the car (a risky habit, though), at concerts and ball games—virtually everywhere. Living without the loop or its wireless version is a fate worse than death for some.

So what’s all these cry from small business owners and customer service representatives that they hate to make phone calls? Surely this is not the rare medical condition known as telephobia—a psychological situation in which a person experiences extreme fear of making use of the telephone.

The people we are discussing here are afraid of something else; they fear being rejected, being interrupted, they fear appearing as unorganized, they also fear not having an answer to a follow-up question.

These are the major reasons most small business owners get scared of picking up the phone to call prospective customers. Is there a cure for this type of phobia? The fact that we have laid our fingers on their causes means that there are sure ways to eliminate every one of these fears.

But let’s begin by pointing out that the telephone is a very essential offline tool for promoting your business. It is easily the most effective way to build a relationship with a prospect or customers.

Some persons have built massive followership and customer base within a relatively short time simply as a result of knowing how to use the telephone to engage prospects and customers. Conversely, so many businesses have become rationalized and crippled due to a failure to use the phone proficiently.

That said, what specific steps can you take to conquer the fear of calling prospects on phone?

Let’s say your fear is that you will be rejected. You have to face the facts here: in sales, you often have to be rejected many times before you will finally be accepted. But the mere fact that you will eventually be accepted ought to drive you on.

It is the way it has happened to all the great sales people you hear about today. Their grand strategy which should become yours today is to make so many calls so as to average a couple positive responses in a day or a week.

Or do you fear that your prospect will interrupt while you speak and thus derail your delivery? The solution to this is simple: do not prepare a script to be read out to a prospect. Instead prepare and rehearse a conversation.

That way, if there is an ‘interruption’, you can easily glide over it and continue with the discussion. Indeed, I prefer not to describe a prospect’s contributions or questions as interruptions. Don’t they have a right to speak? Only their contributions make the sales talk meaningful. Otherwise you can not tell what is on their mind if you monopolize the discussion.

Are you afraid the prospect will ask a follow-up question you can not answer? I have two things to tell you here, (1) no one is expected to know everything about everything, and (2) you have the opportunity to learn new things everyday.

The difference lies in how you pause for time to come up with the information a prospect may ask for. That is what separates the professionals from the fretful.

So even when a prospect asks a question whose answer you don not readily have, stay composed. In your own words, say something like “that is a really good question, could you spare a minute while I verify that for you, or may I call you back?” or you could say something like “no one has asked me that question before.

Do you mind if I look into it on your behalf and get back to you in a couple of minutes?” Every manner of prospects and customers would rather give you a few minutes or more to look into their questions than have you hazard a guess that soon fails to hold water.

If you are a business owner, the telephone is your friend. Do not treat it as an enemy. Follow the tips I have offered you here and you will soon discover that your reasons for not calling those prospects are a bit exaggerated.

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