What is all the buzz about Numis Networks Numismatic Coin Opportunity? Paper money may be the staple of our modern world. But it hasn’t always been that way. Before the arrival of our entirely artificial money, the banknotes, silver and gold once performed all that we now do with banknotes and checks.

Yes, several other scarce articles have all played their parts in times past. But it’s safe to say that none of those other mediums of exchange quite elicits the appeal that silver and gold have retained down through the ages. Till this day, gold and silver retain many of the essential properties of money. And the appeal is not about to wane.

In recent times, an entire industry has developed purely devoted to the collection and selling of gold and silver coins—the numismatic coin market. It is a global market which worth is estimated to be in excess of 100 billion dollars.

What Really Are Numismatic Coins? These are coins which market value are not determined by their precious metal content, but rather by their rarity, condition, mint date, and unique marks. Numismatic coins are sometimes referred to simply as COLLECTIBLE COINS.

Meanwhile gold and silver collectible coins have intrinsic value and a large demand which ensure that collectors are sure of fair prices for their precious metals should they decide to cash in on their stuff.

In fact, until December 31, 1974, Americans were not permitted to own gold bullion. After F.D. Roosevelt’s 1933 “gold call-in,” numismatic coins were all an American could possess. And no, it wasn’t such a big disadvantage really, since the prices of Numis coins (as they’re sometimes called) were determined more by collectors’ interests rather than the value of their gold or silver content.

Numismatic or collector coins often sell at huge markups, sometimes at prices several times that of their metal content. Gold and silver bullion coins on the other hand sell at small markups over the value of their metal content.

Indeed, a network market has even developed around numismatics—the NUMIS NETWORK. The network aims at helping people to generate substantial income through collecting numismatic coins and leveraging themselves on a multi-level marketing arrangement.

Numis gives members access to well preserved, high-grade silver and gold coins from mints around the world. The network deals mostly on collectible coins—those whose value are determined by rarity, collectors’ demand, and condition. Metal contents are sometimes considered as well.

Collectors of gold and silver coins don’t have to worry about the state of the national or world economy. Above all else, gold and silver are globally recognized as a dependable store of value. And they seem to fare even better when the economy is in doldrums.

As an example, while the economy has been struggling for the past ten years, the price of gold has more than doubled within the same period.

And according to CPM Group, a New York metals consultancy, silver will continue to out perform gold in price appreciation mainly due to huge industrial demand for silver which has consistently outstripped supply since 1990.

So Silver and Gold are among the few items on the face of the earth that stay in demand in their natural state for generation after generation. Meanwhile numismatics helps you benefit from it all. So in my opinion, learning how you can engage in numismatics via MLM can make you a better collector, buyer, seller, and preserver of collectible coins.

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