Is it really worth it to spend your money on coaching and mentoring? Why don’t you just go to the library or do a Google search on anything you need to know concerning your MLM business?

In these days of the internet it could surely be tempting to think that we don’t really need anyone to sit us down and explain the best ways to approach our business.

There’s this prevailing but deceptive notion that virtually anything we need to know to succeed in any activity is just a few clicks of the mouse away. Oh yea? So how many persons have leaned how to play golf, drive a car, or fly a plane by reading a magazine? Wake up folks, we DO need mentors!

Have you ever paused to think about what life would be like without teachers—I mean the very first teachers in our academic life? Don’t you agree it would have been so difficult getting to learn the alphabet all by ourselves?

We would probably have begun to learn the basics of ABC and some arithmetic in our late teens! Thank God for teachers and mentors.
They help point us in the right direction, guiding and teaching us things we need to know in order for us to succeed in our various endeavors.

But for them, the only other option would’ve been to grope in the dark for long periods trying to figure things out through trial and error. The problem with that approach is, it would take far more time to know what works compared with having a mentor who already knows the ‘road map.’

So unless we are plain egotistical, it has to be admitted that having a business mentor provides us with numerous benefits. First, mentors are far more experienced than we are. They have probably been in the same industry you’re now just venturing into.

So they have gained a wide range of experiences and insights that could considerably help cut your learning curve. Additionally, they have made their own share of mistakes in trying to implement certain aspects of the business, which means they can help us take the better path and avoid committing mistakes that they have already made.

Simply put, they are in a position to tell you what works and what doesn’t. It is only the course of wisdom to leverage on such foreknowledge rather than insisting on making and learning from your own blunders.

Remember you may not be alive long enough and or be patient long enough to make all your mistakes in business! Many do give up out of frustration.

There’s yet another reason why mentors are worth having: due to their wealth of experience, length of time and accomplishments in the business, they will most likely have a wide network of people whose interests and industry experience you could further tap into.

You surely need a wide network of people if your MLM business must grow. Some of these people may become your target clients, or others who could be in a position to help spread your marketing messages to others who may be interested in your line of business.

Not to be overlooked too is the role that mentors play in motivating us. They can help you to keep things in perspective, by helping you make sense of some things that might probably have overwhelmed you.

Mentors also inspire their students, helping them to stay on track and achieve what some students never thought they were capable of achieving.

Yes, in the end, how far you succeed in your MLM business will owe a lot to your own Personal Growth efforts, especially your determination and self-discipline. But mentors provide valuable guidance that can make your path smoother.

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