Now that you have decided to go into network marketing, it’s vitally important that you get involved with the right one. So, are there ‘wrong ones’ out there? Of course there are. This is an industry brimming with thousands of opportunities and hundreds of companies.

It’s only reasonable to conclude that there’ll be a few unscrupulous elements in there masquerading as genuine businesses. Unfortunately, their solicitations and offers may be the most enticing.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to look beyond the surface, how to cut through all the hype and find out the truth about that company you’re considering joining. I offer you 4 rules of the thumb that have never failed:

Rule No. 1. What Are They Selling? It ought to be obvious that this is the most important indicator of how credible a network marketing company is. For without acceptable, affordable, and reliable products, everything else comes to naught.

Unfortunately, in their quest for the most generous compensation plan, most newbies easily overlook this vital indicator. In the end what they have on their hands are worthless products that promise heaven but often fail to lift off the earth!

To ascertain if the products stand any chance to succeed in the market, do a little market research on it. Don’t rely on findings done by the company themselves (They shouldn’t serve as judges in a case involving them!) What is the general impression towards the product from the public?

I recommend that you also personally try out some of the products you plan on selling. Now what’s your sincere, unbiased impression? Would you recommend it to your own family members? If the product sucks, you are warned! If it rocks, you have the first green light.

Rule No. 2: How Old Is the Company? If you are thinking of building a solid home business, then you don’t want to deal with a company that hasn’t got any track record.

Your company of choice must have been around for sometime—say 5 years. And in addition to proven products as stated above, they should also have a large pool of successful and satisfied distributions.

Where will you get tips on how to excel in this MLM company if they lack good leaders? Moreover, how can you trust their compensation plan if none have consistently earned it over a period of time? So it’s vital that the company has a track record in these areas. I believe you don’t want to be used to test-run things in a new company.

Rule No. 3: Where Is The Money? There are two things to consider here, (1) what is the compensation plan like and (2) where does the bulk of your earnings come from; is it from the sale of products or from registering new members?

Generally there should be a fair balance between these two sources of income in MLM business. If it tilts heavily towards one side, you better watch it. If the money comes mainly through sale of products, you the distributor won’t “break even” soon.

Again, if it comes solely from registering new members, that may be an indication that the products aren’t easy to market. Or worse: it could even be a sign that you’re dealing with a pyramid scheme! They often sell no or scanty products. ALL EMPHASIS is on bringing in new members.

Rule No. 4: How Are Products Sold? Finally, how are their products marketed? What type of sales system is in place there? Again, there are two things to consider: first, your company of choice must leverage the power of the internet in their marketing efforts.

Gone are the days of door to door and word of mouth prospecting. Second, whatever system is in place must be one that can be easily duplicated by the average Joe. This is very important for your long term growth.

If the system is so complicated that you alone must do most things, then that would defeat the very purpose of network marketing, which is to leverage on the efforts of members of your team.

These are ways to analyze any network marketing company and opportunity. It is my hope that by following these tips you’ll be able to pick the best MLM company that can help you actualize your dreams.

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