If you’re an author, or an article writer by any other description, you are no doubt interested in techniques that will increase your article production. But of even greater importance is how to improve the quality of the articles you write.

There are several quick, simple and easy ways to boost your article writing quality and production. Below are two broad techniques that have proved helpful to both well-known authors and ordinary writers. They should work for you, I believe!

Start Early In the Day: Early birds are still fortunate! I’ve personally discovered that starting my writing early in the day trumps both lunchtime and after-dinner efforts.

I’ve observed that I’m more productive at that time of day, and I guess that shouldn’t be hard to imagine. For one thing, the brain has just rested and is now primed for new challenges.

As a result, creative thinking and imagination are at their peaks just after a good night’s rest. Now those are my thoughts. But I guess I’m not alone. It’s a well documented fact that many successful professional writers and authors get an early start with their writing.

Many start to write as early as 5:00 or 6:00am, with nearly all already at their writing desk by 8:00 am. As I pointed out earlier, an early morning writing time allows your freshly-rested mind to jump-start your writing day with quick ideas.

Starting your writing task early in the day is also important for yet another reason: if you do most of your writing from home whereby quite or private moments are rare, that would be an added reason to begin your writing task early in the day. Such early morning sessions will help you accomplish more long before the hustle and bustle of the family’s day gets underway.

Choose a Distraction-Free Environment: Although a noted author, J.K. Rowling reportedly once wrote at a coffee shop, still your best bet is to imitate most professional writers who often deliberately seek out isolated and quite places to do their writing. Prolific author, Stephen King, for example usually writes at the lonely loft of his home, sometimes for days or even weeks away from public view.

I don’t know how you, a budding writer could do a better job than the masters of the art if you choose to write at the market square! The thing is that writing quality articles is challenging enough in its own right—you don’t want to be dealing with self-sabotage at the same time by exposing yourself to distractions. Imitate successful writers, apply tested techniques.

No matter what you think, it’s near-impossible to produce a tidy, in-depth and authoritative piece of writing of any sort with the phones ringing or message alerts constantly popping up, people chattering and puttering all around you. Personally I write in a quite, private part of the house, away from my wife and kid, and certainly devoid of phones and visitors.

Bottom line is, when you write in a tranquil place, you accomplish more. At the moment, I seriously doubt that J.K. Rowling still writes the continuing editions of Harry Potter and Friends in a coffee shop or any other public place!

If you take these points to heart and apply them in your article writing schedule, you’ll almost certainly see an increase in the quality and depth of your articles. It will also boost your production rate.


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