Using Article Marketing can help you build your online business. Imagine that an online marketer has just sent you an email or article relating to a subject you are having problem comprehending.

The article is supposed to contain key information that you need so as to implement this strategy in your own business. With eagerness you rush to your mailbox to access the material.

But there’s a problem: The article is so badly written that you can’t find the information you need. There are all sorts of technical problems with the written material—misspellings, incomplete sentences, dangling terms and phrases, as well as paragraphs that are so long that reading through them is a real test of patience.

Have you ever encountered a situation similar to this? In today’s world that’s become truly overloaded with information, it is vital to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively. Most people don’t have time and patience to read book-length articles when they need a simple explanation.

Most are in a hurry to accomplish more in less time, and so may not be prepared to forage through a lengthy and poorly-constructed article in search of a simple point that’s buried at the center of nowhere.

The more effective your writings are, the better the impression you’ll make with people, and ultimately, the better the chances that people will INDEED READ your articles after you’ve labored to write them. And you never know how far this can impact on your business!

The length of this article will not allow us to discuss this topic exhaustively. For now, let’s look at two ways you can improve your writing skills, what I call 2 secrets to effective writing.

Secret No. 1: Keep Your Audience In View: Who are you writing for, or what is the purpose of your article? Until you correctly answer this question to yourself, you cannot determine what format your article needs to take. One thing is sure; an advertising copy isn’t going to be written the same way as an email meant for a prospective client.

Additionally, whether the tone of your voice would be formal or relaxed depends on who your would-be reader is. Having determined who you’re writing for, write to appeal and to convince, but never to impress.

Bear in mind that your readers may not know a thing about the topic you’re writing about. So educate them in a most simple but effective manner. Start from the beginning—from simpler to more complex areas of the subject.

Secret No. 2: Pay Attention to Grammar: Effective writing does not stop with what you say. HOW you say it is equally important. You surely don’t need me to tell you that constant grammatical errors in your writing will make you look less than a professional. It’s essential for every writer to learn the rules of grammar in order to avoid certain mistakes which your spell checker cannot detect.

If you habitually jumble up words in your writing, that could seriously detract from the message you are communicating. Your readers may soon get tired of making up words for you, and your article will gradually lose appeal.

But then you don’t really need a doctorate in English to write effective articles which obey the rules of grammar. My personal research has shown that over 80% of grammatical blunders occur mainly as a result of carelessness with words—especially a stubborn refusal by many to PROOFREAD their articles before hitting “send.”

The remaining errors in this regard occur when writers use words they are not very familiar with. You can eliminate this type of error by either taking note of how such words are used by seasoned authors (especially the context under which they’re used), or you could look them up in a reference work.

If you don’t have the time for any of these two options, then stick to words you know. You can still put together an effective article with simple, flowing language. But if you are a professional writer, enlarging your vocabulary is something you’ll eventually have to give thoughts to, as it will add color and gloss to your Article writings.

If you can identify your audience before setting out to write, and if you pay attention to the rules of grammar, these will help you to write more clearly and effectively. And the more you write and practice these techniques, the more effective your Article writing will become.

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