Personal Growth is not something everybody takes very seriously. A lot of us simply accept the hand we’ve been dealt with in life and run with. We’ve all heard that it is insane to be doing the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.

That suggests that the only way change will come in any activity is when we improve and do things differently. But what do you observe in people generally? They move from one deadline to another, aim at one target after another without ever pausing to fine-tune the system that’s doing all the running around—themselves!

Don’t be like that. The facts are that whether you’re happy at your present job and looking to climb the corporate ladder, or you’re unhappy and looking to change your career path, or perhaps you own a business and hope to make the most of it, none of these can be achieved without personal growth.

As an employee, you’ll need to be better and faster than the best prepared to stand any chance of scaling through that job interview. And as an entrepreneur you’ll have to be better than the competition to win the trust and loyalty of customers. The winners in this world are those who invest in their personal growth.

Look at it this way, when we invest in stocks or property, the money brings rewards by way of interests or dividends, everything being equal. Would there be any expectation of reward when we haven’t even invested in the first place?

Of course not! Similarly, when we work hard and conscientiously at a job, our time and efforts are rewarded with regular salary and other pecks, again, CETERIS PARIBUS (everything being equal!).

This principle is also true when it comes to investing in our personal growth. The more you invest in developing yourself—your abilities and personality—the greater the benefits you’ll reap. Yes some of the rewards will be financial, but really there are several other rewards that result from personal growth and self-improvement.

It could mean better relationships, a more physically fit and healthier you, a better manager of time and other resources, etc. The gains are virtually endless.

Now what are some ways you can invest in your personal growth?
Personal Growth can actually refer to a long list of different aspects of you. The aim should be for you to be aware of your current performance or abilities, and to become determined to work on improving at them over time. View every experience you encounter as an opportunity to improve on what you are.

For example, if you are a network marketer, have you observed that you are naturally shy when approaching a client on phone or when you have to address a large audience? That could affect the growth of your MLM business. So don’t surrender to this weakness. Instead, seek opportunities to speak at parties and other gatherings.

If you do that, the fear and anxiety will be reduced at the next opportunity. If you do that often, you’ll soon conquer your fears and begin to impress friends, colleagues, and clients.

But if you accept your failures and do nothing about it, the weakness will live with you and continue to rob you of business opportunities.
Even unfortunate incidents can be turned into opportunities to reflect and improve ourselves.

Generally you should train your mind to always be alert to opportunities to do things better. And rather than leaving it to chance, you can actually go out of your way to get some specific training and mentoring in the areas you wish to improve.

Books are also great sources of inspiration and lessons. In the same vein, you could also join business associations or take coaching classes.

The efforts you put into developing yourself will pay off handsomely. You’ll become better at whatever you’re doing; you’ll be ahead of the pack. Improving yourself will easily reflect on your general outlook and confidence level, which will attract people to you. And if you’re a network marketer, you know how important this last thought is!

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