Your MLM products or your Business what do you talk about first? As a network marketer, which should you project: your products or your opportunity? The answer is none. I’ll tell you why.

If you’ve been observing recent trends in network marketing, the major shift has been a departure from the huge emphasis previously placed on products and network opportunity. This shift is not without reason. At the moment, the major emphasis is on you and the prospect.

The thing is that when we start by projecting our product or business opportunity, we often have to talk to so many people before being able to convert one into our business or product. It’s like trying to sow seeds in an unprepared soil. The odds of any of it germinating and flourishing are very slim.

Compare that with sowing your seeds in a well cultivated garden! Now you know what I’m saying. The old-school MLM psyche with its emphasis on product and opportunity may make it sound logical to lead with your product. But wake up, times have changed!

Unless you’ve first warmed yourself into the heart of a prospect, don’t even consider telling them anything about your ‘wonderful product’ or ‘unique compensation plan.’ And if you think that a 5- minute conversation constitutes a relationship, think again.

Quickly introducing a product to a prospect after only a brief discussion gives you away as another self-serving marketer, intent on selling a product to someone who may not even need it.

So, if you want to attract leaders into your network business, don’t start by introducing products to them. Of course no attempt is made here to discount the importance of excellent products or rewarding opportunities.

The point is, people don’t like to be sold. And unless you first build a trusting relationship with someone, all hypes about your products or opportunity will fall on deaf ears.

So then what? Start by projecting what YOU are! A prospect wants to be comfortable with your person first before they can consider what you are doing. You are the first thing a prospect is judging, not your product, not your business opportunity.

It isn’t without reason that network marketing has so often been called a “people business”. Yes, in this business people join people to benefit from what people are doing.

So lead with YOURSELF, not your product, not your opportunity. Get that?

Now what does this involve? Leading with yourself basically means being people-centric, or people oriented. That means always looking for ways to benefit people.

You should concern yourself with trying to understand your prospects, working with them, and training them in some ways. Of course, this pre-supposes that you have something of value that people need. If you don’t, work at developing your expertise in certain areas first.

The aim is to project you as someone who is knowledgeable in several areas of online business. For example, do you know that so many marketers in this day and age still do not know how to effectively use the internet to reach their target market?

There are millions of others who are struggling in network marketing because they do not know the right way to prospect for new clients. Still others are yet to hear what you are hearing now—that leading with products or opportunity is a road to nowhere!

So there are many ways you can come in and project yourself as a compassionate authority to your prospects. As long as you have information that can help their business which they didn’t know previously, they’ll pay attention.

And because you’ve demonstrated your expertise to these prospects, what happens is that the next time they need help in any area of their business, you’ll be the first person they’ll come to.

And if you’re marketing any product they need, they’d rather buy from you than from someone else they neither know nor trust. So wouldn’t you rather lead with YOURSELF?

By giving of yourself generously and without asking anything in return, you’ll be building a long-lasting relationship that will benefit you, you clients, and your business for a lifetime.

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