Article Marketing is now seen in some quarters as the most effective online marketing tool. One interesting thing about marketing with articles is that you can virtually do it without spending any money at all.

That’s surely a piece of good news, particularly for one just starting out in online marketing and needs some publicity for their home business. In fact even some well-established online marketers are just now beginning to realize the pervasive effect of this marketing method.

Articles are among the fastest and easiest ways to put your messages in front of thousands of current and potential customers. It is also the best way to relate with prospects, educating them about your business and your expertise. There are some individuals you couldn’t effectively interact with any other way apart from online articles. Best of all it’s free, and it works!

One of the main reasons people are now turning to marketing with articles is that it has a viral effect. Take for instance that you wrote an article with the title “how to relate with newsletter subscribers.”

What happens is that the moment you submit this article to an ezine, your article is syndicated at various search engines, such as Google, in such a way that people who are searching for tips on how to relate with their subscribers will stumble upon your articles at a search engine. The person will read it, and if they find the article particularly helpful, they may further recommend it to a friend.

Moreover, since your articles also contain information about you as well as inks to other resources at your website or blog, chances are that anyone who finds your articles helpful would want to follow the link and access further information at your website. All these chain of events are taking place based on a few useful articles you might have written.

Now imagine that in the course of six months or one year you have written a hundred or two hundred interesting articles on various topics in your niche area?

What this means is that you will have put out numerous “baits” all around the internet which will ensure that people searching for information in your area of expertise must come across your articles and would come visiting your site or otherwise contacting you for personal enquiries.

If you do not have any time constraints, you could decide to really warm your PC keyboard and do your writing yourself, submit to reputable article websites, and watch the result. In that case you could reap all the benefits of article marketing without spending a single cent.

Nearly all the ezine directories would publish your articles for free, provided the articles meet their editorial guidelines. On the other hand, if you have limited time you could decide to contract the task of writing the articles to a competent article writer.

You choose a list of subject areas, and have the expert writer research them further, give the articles fitting titles, and come up with appealing articles which then become wholly yours.

You can then submit these to article websites. Hiring a freelancer or “ghost writer” to write your articles doesn’t cost much. Even some of the best writers out there can do the job at between $5 to $12 per 500-word article.

Article marketing is one tool you should not overlook as an online marketer. It is a great way to connect with a worldwide audience. It has a huge potential to increase your website exposure, lead generation, and product sales.

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