Are you branding yourself online? The most significant shifts that have occurred in the approach to network marketing in recent times have all centered on self-branding.

Take a closer look at Mike Dillard’s best-selling MLM courses: Attraction Marketing, Magnetic Sponsoring, and MLM Lead System Pro. What do they all have in common?

You guessed right, Self-branding; the need for a marketer to project himself as attractively as possible in front of his prospects and customers.

There has to be something about you that would make a customer want to patronize you amidst the maze of marketers out there. In the end, most times a customer buys a product from you, it’s often because of you first and foremost, not necessarily your MLM company or the product you’re selling.

Since we’ve realized that’s the way it is, it therefore behooves every network marketer to begin by marketing himself or herself. Yes, ever before promoting your MLM company or their line of products, promote yourself first.

The truth is, no matter how wonderful a product or service may be, if there isn’t a trustworthy person behind it, most people won’t buy. Successful online marketers are those who take steps to promote themselves.

Using Articles to Promote Yourself: The first requirement here is to get yourself a website or a blog. This online tool should focus first and foremost on you as a person and your expertise in MLM.

The aim is to advertise your leadership qualities in network marketing. Your goal is to attract and interact with prospects who visit your website in search of a solution to one MLM problem or the other.

This means you have to be well educated in your niche area so as to impart real value to your visitors. And in your articles, speak as an authority in addressing their needs. That’s the only way to ensure they’ll keep coming to your website, your ability to give value each time they come.

Begin by identifying your target base— your customers, their needs and what they expect to accomplish with their businesses, as well as what they expect from a MLM leader. Remember you can’t be all things to everyone. This is why it is important that you identify those you want to target.

Then use your articles to promote your knowledge, your abilities, and even your integrity. Advertise what you can do for your targeted prospects. Generally determine what values these prospects will see in you that they can’t possibly get from other marketers.

In your articles, do not presume that you’re sure your prospects are interested in joining your business. Your concern is to position yourself as someone who can help them succeed with their own MLM business. Continue to create and give value to them. These are the things that win the trust of prospects and create loyalty.

And when your article content is both informative and interesting to read, other websites and bloggers would rather link to your content than having to explain everything from scratch by themselves.

Again this increases your visibility and reputation, which is what self-branding is all about! It will help you to build a strong customer base. It is also the easiest way to win new customers.

Self-branding is more important than your products. The reason being is that even when your product lines change, you’ll still remain you. If you use well-written articles to brand yourself, the effect is that people will see you as a leader. And if you constantly deliver on their expectations and on your promises, they will trust and want to do business with you.


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