MLM should not be about chasing your family and friends period. Let’s start by stating what is (or what ought to be) obvious: friends and family members are by far the hardest people to recruit in network marketing.

And the newer you are in the MLM business, the harder it becomes to recruit this category of prospects. Consider this: the moment you try to entice a family member or a friend to join your business, the most natural question you get is “how much money are YOU making in the business anyway?”

If you are just starting out in your MLM business, there’s no easy answer to that question. If you admit you not making money in it, then how credible is the business if you are not even making the mega bucks you are promising others?

And were you to cite your rich upline person who’s making lots of money, that only makes you a running boy (or girl), merely working to enrich someone else. How about lying or dodging the question? Don’t even consider lying.

The truth will become obvious soon enough. And a shattered reputation is nearly impossible to rebuild. Nor can you totally dodge the question—people can see through half truths.

There is a second reason why it is often difficult to recruit family and friends. Let’s just say you are enticing them with earning potentials.

Let’s say you are telling them what benefits they’ll derive from using the products you are marketing, say weight loss or multivitamin products. And indeed your products have a track record of producing great results.

Most outsiders will focus on the product’s track record and may want to patronize you based on that. But not your friends and family. These may have known you to be someone who shows little interest in physical fitness and healthy eating.

So whatever you say now may easily be discounted as marketing gimmicks. In a way, you lack credibility in their eyes. Online prospects will consider your message on its own merits.

The third, and perhaps the strongest reason why chasing family members and friends will not build you a strong network is that your business soon reaches a point where it could not grow any larger.

Rumors have it that that was the cause of David Wood’s initial failure in network marketing. He was too focused on his “warm market.” Even when he changed companies, it soon turned out that members of the “new” team comprised all the people he had recruited into his prior company.

So making a list of friends and family members and trying to market to these ones is both tiresome and a dead-end approach to network marketing. There’s a better way.

We hinted earlier that it’s better to begin by pitching the benefits of the products you’re marketing than the financial incentives. What happens is that as people (indeed including family members) begin to see the benefits of the products, and that could move them to want to become affiliates.

An African proverb says that a good product markets itself. In the case of a weight loss product for example, by the time you drop 30 pounds and begin to look several years younger, people are bound to ask what you are using. You will have gained credibility in your business. And the money follows soon after that!

Finally, generate your leads online. There is no end to the amount of prospects you can generate and market to on the internet. There are also many different methods that you can use to generate leads for your business through the net.

Bottom line is, get your leads online. Don’t waste more time trying to sign up friends and families than they are worth. Make your money elsewhere.

If in the end your success persuades them to join you, good. If not, no problem. You have the world to market to. How many are your friends and family members anyway?

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