Will MLM success happen for you? I like to win. I strive towards success in everything I do. Success is so important to me that I’m usually prepared to do everything it takes and wait as long as it takes to attain it.

I’m sure success means that much to you as well; that’s perhaps the only reason you want to continue reading this piece. Good. That means we are on the same page. If not, then read and become wise!

There is no doubt in my mind that network marketing is the quickest and easiest way to achieve financial freedom today. But even as I wrote that last line, I was a bit uncomfortable with my choice of words—QUICKEST and EASIEST. Because I know a lot of people are going to interpret those words to mean “next week” or “in a month.”

When we say that MLM is an easier and quicker route to financial success, we’re only saying in comparison with other businesses which will take a minimum of 7 to 10 years to build you real wealth, if things go well.

It’s important to spell these things out because there is this totally witless notion that seems to have persisted in MLM, namely: all you need do is just hop in, and in a year you’ll be rich. Don’t believe any of that even for a minute. Success and financial freedom doesn’t happen overnight in MLM.

If you are ever going to succeed in this business, you’re going to work and WAIT for it. Indeed, there is no substitute for PERSISTENT hard work and dedication in this business. Don’t ever think you’ll succeed in MLM if the only time you work on it is when there’s nothing else to do. It’ll never work out.

But network marketing or MLM is not inherently difficult to implement. The problem is that so many people come into this business with the belief that they won’t need to do anything at all to prosper—and prosper fast! I don’t believe that.

And I don’t teach any of that to those I recruit into my MLM business. I tell them right from when I’m prospecting them that success has rules. To succeed, a person needs to consistently follow a success plan.

Part of this plan involves committing the necessary resources that financial success requires. The most important success ingredients in network marketing are knowledge, persistent hard work, patience, training, and money.

Yes money!

I know that last item may go contrary to what you’ve often heard concerning MLM. But don’t be deceived; it takes money to make money. You surely need money to join your network opportunity; make monthly product purchases; engage in some form of marketing so as to generate leads; follow up on leads.

Yes, in MLM the start-up capital requirements are relatively small—say $200-$400 monthly. But a failure to commit even that little sum into the activities mentioned above may keep your business grounded.

Meanwhile, even after starting right, there is still a minimum period it’s going to take you to start seeing your first commission checks. For most new marketers, this won’t happen sooner than 6 months. Part of the reason is this: in network marketing, most of what makes you money comes from the efforts of your downlines. Now a rich downline is not built overnight.

It’s going to take time and effort on your part. Also, your sales skills will continue to improve with every sale you make (or even fail to make!). This won’t happen in one week either. Hasn’t it been said that ‘practice makes perfect’? I can go on and on.

The point is, no worthwhile achievement is ever made without real efforts. MLM has all the potentials to give you all the financial freedom you desire. But it won’t happen overnight.

Success takes time and right actions. Continuous learning, fine-tuning of your strategies, as well as consistent application of lessons learnt are what will guarantee your financial freedom in MLM.


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