Cedrick Harris is the man in internet marketing. How would you define a true business leader? If you are anything like most network marketers, you would agree that a major attribute of a good leader is their willingness to give of themselves and their resources to prospects ever before hoping to receive anything in return.

That’s probably the best way to start describing Cedrick Harris. Those encountering him on the phone for the first time are usually amazed by just how personable and helpful he is. It’s not enough how much a person knows.

How much of it is he able and willing to impart to others? That’s the crucial thing.

Meet Cedrick Harris, a top authority in attraction marketing, and a prolific recruiter. Cedrick’s forte is lead generation and phone prospecting. In addition, he is a Top Internet Marketer who knows how to generate leads both online and offline.

No wonder he is both a top earner in MLM Lead system Pro (MLSP), as well as a reference point in prospecting and closing sales over the phone.

Cedrick is indeed one of the most dynamic and influential leaders you’ll ever meet in the MLM industry. Without hiding behind the computer, he enthusiastically tells you all you’ll need to know to build a solid MLM business.

His attraction marketing system course (a CD course) covers in detail the online and offline marketing techniques that he uses in his business. As is usual with him, the CD is a fluff-free practical training stuff. As a network marketer, the things you can learn from Cedrick Harris come down to the following:

To succeed in MLM, you need some form of backing from someone who himself has succeeded. Not only will this drastically cut your learning curve, it will also save you precious dollars that would otherwise go into buying needless or useless programs.

To attract people to your business, you need to present yourself well. That surely is the idea of attraction marketing. It is based on the known fact that people join people before joining their business opportunity.

So how “attractive” are you to the people you are marketing to? It usually follows this format:

First you have to attain some level of success. Then you exhibit and talk about your success. Next you cite how people are achieving success through your coaching. And finally you find a way to convert these eager listeners to customers.

The above steps may appear to present a chicken-and-Egg dilemma. In order words, between success and attractiveness, which comes first?

Actually the principles of attraction marketing reveals that no matter what stage you are in your business, there’s always a way to make yourself attractive so that people will come to you. But this piece is not purely about attraction marketing as a strategy.

Meanwhile, from Cedrick Harris we also learn that it is Ok to give everything you can to prospects who deserve it. But have nothing to do with those who are simply wasting your time, even if these time-wasters have bought a product or two from you.

At his website, Cedrick actually describes how you may tactfully terminate a telephone discussion that’s heading nowhere.

So, can Cedrick Harris marketing techniques help you build your network marketing business? It most definitely can. And if you would like to learn more about these techniques you can get access to my FREE 5 Day Lead Generation course based on my Personal Trainer Mr. Cedrick Harris Lead Generation Techniques.

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