Jonathan Budd may well be the next big thing in the ever-evolving world of MLM. That is if he isn’t one already. At the moment Jonathan Budd has become a phenomenon of a sort.

He is currently the youngest entrepreneur to earn a seven-figure income in network marketing. He is the creator of the internet tool known as the Online MLM Mastermind System.

Who Is Jonathan Budd In The MLM World?

Jonathan is an online network marketer, trainer, and program developer. He started as a MLM struggler. He Tried numerous prospecting and recruiting strategies before he began to see some success in his MLM.

He is quick to admit that his eventual success in network marketing is mainly due to his conviction that the internet holds the key to success in modern day network marketing. Thus he was determined to learn all there was to internet or online marketing.

In the end this young guru has literally conquered the world of online network marketing. He is now devoting most of his time coaching and mentoring MLM entrepreneurs on ways to prosper in their MLM business.

Jonathan Budd has coached and guided thousands of his students to achieve higher levels of success in their network marketing business. He has also developed a wave-making tool that makes it easier for marketers to find leads and sponsor new distributors into their business.

Does his Online MLM Mastermind System Really Work?

The Online MLM Mastermind System is Jonathan Budd’s best known contribution to online marketing. It is a complete system for online network marketers. It is not an eBook, but rather a program designed with network marketers in mind.

The creator no doubt drew from his prospecting and recruiting woes. He knows that majority of online marketers are having trouble building a rich email list, which is so vital to marketing online. He has therefore put together a system for capturing the contact details of your prospects (lead capture pages); writing a good sales letter; a tracking and a list-building system.

The program also includes training videos on various online-marketing-related topics—PPC, social networking, etc. And recently he has even integrated auto-responder facilities into the system.

In my opinion, Jonathan Budd’s Online MLM Mastermind System is a useful tool for anyone who markets their business on the internet. Provided you know the basics of internet marketing, such as how to set up and use an auto-responder, the Mastermind System could do you a lot of good.

But don’t think that this seven-dollar CD is the save secret all to your MLM challenges. Some who have purchased the program had thought that it absolved them of their other obligations as entrepreneurs.

For example, the system doesn’t cancel the need to brand yourself as a leader. Jonathan himself continues to do that, and it is one reason he continues to attract the sort of attention we all give him (which he deserves by the way).

In the final analysis, Jonathan Budd is one great mentor and marketer. And his programs, are very helpful tools for modern day online network marketing.

But it is your ability to take his marketing strategies, internalize the knowledge, and use it to brand yourself and promote your business that will bring you the kind of results that Jonathan is seeing in his online business.

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