David Wood has been attracting all sorts of attention of late. And for good reasons. To be consistently generating 50 leads per day from content marketing alone is a rare feat. And such an achievement is even rarer for a guy who’s only been around in this business for just a couple of months.

That’s David!

David Wood has had such an impact on MLM that even top leaders in the industry are beginning to pay attention. Most are left wondering how a guy suddenly emerged from nowhere, threw up a mere blog, cast out mere articles and began to consistently rank on the first page of Google.

Then suddenly web traffic began to flow in his direction as if directed by an invisible dam. 25,000 visitors for a 2-and-a-half month old blog? Employing only article marketing? Folks, that’s clearly incredible!

It is no wonder that every online marketer is interested in David Woods Lead Generation Strategies.

But first, who is this guy?

Let’s admit that David Wood is not spanking new in the MLM industry. He has had a checkered career in MLM. First he struggled for years trying to build a successful network marketing business. He engaged in cold calling, chasing his warm market, conducting and attending endless meetings. He did Pretty much all the traditional stuff.

Fortunately those methods eventually worked out for him. And he built a fairly successful MLM business. But unfortunately, by then he had already begun to lose interest in network marketing altogether ( it might be due to the difficulty of using offline methods to promote a business in today’s online world?).

In the end, he abandoned the business that had given him a measure of financial success and moved to Hawaii with his family. Expectedly without constant nurturing and fine-tuning, his business and income quickly nose dived.

It was probably that failure that again jolted David to his senses. He soon re-launched himself into network marketing. But this time, his approach was going to be totally different. No more chasing of friends and family—or anybody for that matter. Instead he would use the principle of attraction marketing to make people chase him.

Is it any wonder that it didn’t take long for him to recover all the “lost ground?” His new approach to network marketing has also made it possible for him to have the time he had always wanted with his family.

What Can David Wood Teach You? Several things. First, David Wood has proven once and for all that paid marketing strategies (like PPC) are not necessarily better than free marketing strategies (such as article marketing, online videos, and social media). This guy is easily the grandmaster of article marketing.

Yes, he occasionally incorporates other low-cost marketing strategies too. But for the most part, David generates most of his traffic through unique, well-written articles and nice videos which he then submits to various directories and websites. These contents are then linked back to the original articles appearing on his blog or the landing page of his website.

The strategy works so well that every online network marketer who desires to utilize article marketing to generate massive volume of traffic would do well to take a closer look at David Wood’s article marketing strategies.

Fortunately David is known to be generous with his marketing techniques. He frequently reveals his exact marketing strategies for free to all who sign up for the tips.

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