Ever since THE SECRET was released a few years ago, this body of teachings has been attracting all sorts of comments. THE SECRET, both the movie and the story are intended to help us see that there is a secret behind the attainment of anything and everything – good health, relationships, all the way to money and riches.

But the approach it recommends for the attainment of these goals is what has left many wondering what to believe.

It would help if we can do a brief summary of these teachings, so that you, the reader, could compare the teachings with what you already know and or see what lessons there are to be learnt from The Secret.

Due to time constraints, we’ll examine only what The Secret teaches about money and relationship.

Ready, Set? Let’s go:

Money: THE SECRET teaches that money is a form of energy, a magnetic energy it is called. It further states that you are a magnate, attracting to yourself all sorts of things through the signals that your thoughts and feelings send out (this last sentence is in fact The Secret’s general assumption in its every teaching). It then went on to recommend how you can attract money to yourself:

Be clear about what money you want to have. Forget about how much you can earn; focus on how much you want. You must fall in love with money, regardless of how much of it you do have. Never think or talk about a lack of money.

Act from the mindset of already having and spending all the money you intend to have. Feel certain that money is coming to you, effortlessly. Force yourself to feel wealthy, look for and appreciate wealth wherever you go, including those of others.

Love yourself and believe that you are worthy of an abundance of money. Try and feel good; the emotions of joy and happiness are strong money magnets. Money is a mindset. It is either attracted to you or repelled from you depending on your thoughts.

Relationships: THE SECRET teaches that any and every relationship can be transformed. The relationships that we do have are reflections of our thoughts and feelings. To transform any relationship, it makes the following recommendations:

Love yourself first. Make a list of hundreds of wonderful things about you. Add to the list everyday. You are perfect. Think nothing negative about yourself. Believe you are deserving of anything you can possibly want in life.

Look for and only focus on the positive side of other people. Don’t ever criticize anything or anybody. Happiness is an inside thing.

Make your happiness the no.1 thing in your life. Don’t kill yourself trying to make others happy; just love and respect them enough and they’ll find their own happiness. De-emphasize those things about others that don’t make you feel happy.

And don’t expect people to behave the way you expect. Know you can control your happiness. It is a choice. And you can be happy despite what anyone else is doing.

Here Are My Thoughts: There are both universal truths and controversial statements in the teachings above. But since I’m by nature positive, I’ll focus only on the beneficial aspects of The Secret (or am I already being affected by its recommendations?)

Concerning money, you’ll agree that a person’s mindset has a lot to do with how much money they can make from an activity. A network marketer, for example, who doesn’t think he can make a comfortable living from this business, will not approach it with the seriousness it deserves.

So on that count the secret is right. But how about loving money for its own sake? We have to disagree there. We need money to take care of things, but an emotional attachment to it is often very destructive.

Coming to relationships, well, there isn’t much to disagree with there. You sure need to love yourself first in order to attract the affection of others. But are humans perfect?

The secret says so, I don’t know in what sense. But we should be flexible enough in our thoughts so that we’ll be willing to accept it when an obvious error is pointed out. It is the correction of errors and regular improvements that bring progress, for indeed humans ARE NOT perfect!

However the secret was on point when it states that happiness comes from within. I also agree that most relationships can be transformed. Same goes for its recommendation that we should all focus on the good side of others (praying they’ll do same for us!).

An MLM team leader can surely motivate his or her team members if they focuse on the little things they’re doing right, while de-emphasizing their poor results at the moment.

The principle is also great for inter-personal relationships. So, The Secret, it surely contains valuable teachings for the discerning mind.

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