Who is Dani Johnson and what is her claim to fame? It’s hard to write a review of this network marketing superwoman without acknowledging the formidable obstacles she had to surmount on her way to MLM Success, as well as all the value and inspiration she has brought to the home business community.

Dani Johnson is now a household name in the MLM community. She now makes her money in the millions and has authored numerous home business training materials. But her story hasn’t always been that interesting.

At the time she came into network marketing, she was among the poorest persons in the America; with only $2.03 to her name, probably even less, since she was also in debt. At the time, she was living right in her car. That is if the ramshackle stuff actually qualified to be called a car!

Meanwhile she was only 19. Which was good: It gave her enough time to make her mistakes and start all over, if necessary. And fail she did. But after several months of failing and going deep into debt, she finally got it right.

The right training and mentoring made the difference. Less than six months later, she was averaging $20,000 per month in income. And within her first two years in MLM, Dani had made her first million. And she was barely 22. The rest, as they say, is history.

Let’s focus on how a review of Dani Johnson’s achievements can benefit your MLM. For one thing, Dani has worked with numerous network marketers, helping many to overcome both personal and business-related obstacles.

Majority of these persons are now seven-figure earners in their businesses. She has a reputation for teaching only what she herself has practiced with good results in her business.

And she has many resources designed to help you achieve personal, financial, and even spiritual goals. Her resources range from workshops, live weekend seminars, tele-coaching, one-on-one coaching, to recorded seminars and classes.

Her coaching covers such areas as how to prospect, how to take inbound calls, as well as how to close sales. Most importantly, she is simply passionate about helping people overcome whatever obstacle is standing between them and their dreams.

Dani believes that you should not beg people to join your business. She teaches that with the right approach, people will indeed beg you to recruit them.

My Final Thoughts: As I stated earlier, Dani Johnson’s strategy sure works; that’s why she’s been so successful! And if you are building your business along the methods laid out by Dani, then her resources are among the best you’ll get in the industry.

However, several of Dani Johnson’s strategies may not suit you if you’re marketing your MLM predominantly on the internet. Indeed the world has moved on since the time Dani came up with her prospecting and recruiting strategies.

It may well have been the best approach then. But today, it’s a lot easier and often brings greater results to leverage technology and the internet to reach hundreds of thousands of prospects online, and establish some form of relationship with them, rather than cold-calling several individuals who have no idea what your are doing.

Online prospecting strategies have been proven to be both cheaper and easier to implement. Especially since network marketing itself is a game of numbers.

It’d be more cost effective to target say, 1000 persons online per month, knowing that probably only about 5% of these will sign up in the end—that’s 50 persons.

If you’re prospecting mainly offline, you can at most target 50 persons in a month. If even 10% of these sign up, what does that amount to? Less than 3 persons. Plus, you’ll spend more using traditional methods.

Dani Johnson is a respected MLM figure. And her methods have worked well for both she herself and her large crowd of students. Whether or not it will work for you depends on how you want to market your MLM, especially how you intend to get leads.

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