Can you become one of the Top Flying MLM Recruiters? Is it true that MLM recruiting is getting more and more competitive? And that more and more marketers now have to chase fewer and fewer clients? I don’t know how you’d answer both questions.

But to the first question, my answer is maybe. As for the second question, my answer is an emphatic ‘I don’t think so!’

Yes, recruiting may be getting more competitive, but not necessarily more difficult. If anything, technological innovations and, permit me to say it, the global economic downturn have all combined to actually make prospecting and recruiting a lot easier than it used to be just a decade or two ago.

The evidence is in the numbers. On the one hand, more and more network marketing companies are reporting back-to-back growths in all aspects of their operations—product sales, new distributors, revenues, product lines.

On the other hand, more and more network marketers are making it big in this business now than at any other time in the history of MLM.

If indeed the market outlook is bright, then there’s only one thing that could be holding you back from reaping the gains of Multi-Level Marketing: recruiting. Yes, your recruiting habit could be the missing link in your MLM.

Make no mistake; Recruiting Is The LIFEBLOOD of any MLM business. So if you hope to stay competitive in today’s MLM world in which so many marketers offer similar products and services, you’ll have to continuously upgrade your recruiting skills.

There are no two ways about it; the top earners in MLM are those who realize that recruiting is an art that has to be mastered and constantly upgraded.

Below are 4 recruiting tips to help you sponsor more reps into your MLM business:

Be A Caring Friend: You’ll need to build a relationship with your prospective client so that he begins to trust you. This may take time. But until the prospect has reasons to believe you genuinely care about his interests, he isn’t going to join your MLM.

Even if he or she appears to be slow in making up their mind, go at their pace, addressing one thing at a time. Never try to rush things; it only makes people suspicious.

Understand Your Prospects Concerns and Address what matters to them: On meeting a new prospect, some marketers proceed as though they were programmed to give a recorded speech before ever listening to what a prospect had to say. Wrong!

Finding out your prospect’s goals and dreams is the best guide to what information you need to give him. Don’t go on boasting about the size of the MLM company you represent, their compensation plan etc if the person isn’t interested in all that.

He may have seen bigger MLM companies and more generous plans, but didn’t join. Your addressing his needs (and maybe fears) could make all the difference.

Communicate Well: Your presentation is only as good as how well it is understood. Ultimately this is what will determine how many people you’ll recruit; how well your message is understood. Coming to a level where your prospect gets the message is obviously more useful to both of you than simply speaking to impress.

Finally, but VERY IMPORTANTLY, Cultivate The Follow-Up Habit: Do you know how many solicitations to join a business the average person receives in a day, a week, and in a month?

The point here is, unless you follow up on the prospect, various other concerns will soon relegate your message to the remotest part of his consciousness. So follow up, remind him at reasonable intervals. But do this with discretion, so you don’t end up harassing the person.

Recruiting is a skill, and it can be developed and mastered. Any recruiting tactic that does not put the prospect first, does not portray you the marketer as a friend, attempts to answer questions a prospect is not interested in, or one that does not include regular follow up contacts will not take you far.

On the other hand, implementing the recruiting strategies outlined above is sure to turn you into a great Sponsor and a Recruiting Machine!

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