You’ve got a new MLM distributor, at last the new prospect has signed up. Congratulations! Is your job done then? From now on, are you simply going to sit around and wait for when his commission checks (and yours too) begin to trickle in? Quite the opposite, your work has just begun!

If you don’t want him to fail or to have at best a snail-speed growth, then you are going to have to come up with ways to keep his interest burning.

The only way to ensure that is to QUICKLY guide your new distributor to a “Success Path.” Simply put, you need to do all you can to assist the new member to start seeing results sooner than latter.

That’s the only way they’ll stay motivated. And to achieve that, the new guy must be helped to start right.

Here are SIX steps to follow in ensuring that your new MLM distributor is off to a great start:

Ensure that they Use The Product: This is very important. From experience, haven’t you observed that using the products is both the best way to understand how they work as well as the quickest way to be sold on it?

Indeed, if the new distributor doesn’t make any efforts to use any of the company’s products, can they sincerely say they believes in them?

And if they don’t, then should you have even sponsored that person in the first place? Bottom line is, make sure your new distributor is sold and continues to use say 3-4 of the company’s products.

Product Samples: Some network marketing companies have product samples which they give to potential customers. If that’s true of your MLM company, then show your new distributors how to introduce and give these samples to prospective clients.

Many today that have joined network marketing opportunities are as a result of positive impression from the use of product samples. The point is that most persons won’t spend their money on items they aren’t sure will work. But after using a sample for free and getting positively impressed, many become loyal customers.

Retail Sales: Won’t it look bad if after discussing with a potential client your new distributor doesn’t even have any products on him to sell to the customer? How would he even make money without retail sales?

The truth of it is that new members make more money from product sales during their first few months in the business than from recruiting new members.

And you know what effect a few dollars in personal earning can do to the confidence of a new person! Let them decide what products are best for them. But ensure that your new distributor is supplied with a number of products the moment he or she starts to market.

Introduce Them to Your Own Upline: let your new distributor know who your uplines are—both the immediate and extended uplines, the notable ones among them. Make an appointment with them and have them welcome the new guy on board and promise to offer assistance when necessary.

Paperwork: there may also be need to take them through all the paperwork again, including application, product ordering, and any other tool used in your MLM company.

Also make sure they fully understands the company, including its compensation plans, as well as a good understanding of the company’s products and product line.

Finally, Review What Could Possibly Make the New Person Want To Quit: Yes, what things will discourage the new distributor enough to make him consider quitting?

This point is HUGE; forget that we are mentioning it last. Review “emotional landmines” ahead of time and tell your new guy the realistic expectations to have. Such frank talk will take them through the low points of the business when enthusiasm alone won’t be enough.

These are the things you should try and do the moment the prospect signs up to join your company. Review these points with him or her.

Never fail to commend their sincere efforts. And do not expect them to achieve in a month what took you years to attain! If you play your part well as a leader, chances are your new distributor will soon begin to rock, thanks to the solid start you gave them!

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