A Directory Of Ezine can be a valuable tool that you can use to build your MLM business. Writing free articles to run on an ezine directory has become one of the most targeted and cost effective ways of selling things on the internet these days. What makes it all the more attractive is that you can achieve massive exposure for your business at virtually zero cost.

It is a great way to advertise your business opportunity. And it works! New internet marketers, and even old timers who’ve given article marketing a try, probably due to a lean purse, have all discovered that this method of marketing is more effective than most people realize.

Of course, our major focus here is how you can use ezine directories to promote your online business. There are literally hundreds of thousands of article directories out there—at least 300,000.

So chances are no matter what topic you’re writing on, there is a huge audience for your articles. And the best part is that 90% of the directories won’t charge you anything to publish your articles online.

However, they all have guidelines or conditions under which they publish your articles.

Ezinearticles.com for example can only publish your article if it has passed their strict editorial guidelines (which in fact you are encouraged to read at their website ever before submitting your articles).

But really, if you understand the purpose of article marketing, you’ll agree that it serves everybody’s interest when your articles are well targeted, grammatically faultless, and compelling to read.

If indeed your articles are poorly written, even if for any reason an article directory accepts it, what impression are you creating in the minds of your readers? Will they likely bother to follow your link?

So your goal should be to put together an informative piece of writing, targeted at a particular audience. And then have these well written separate articles run on as many ezine directories as you desire.

But your choice of which directories to run your articles should not be made randomly. This is where Directory of Ezine comes to your aid. Use an ezine directory finder, to locate the particular ezine that fits your type of articles.

Remember we told you that there are thousands of article submission sites out there. So when using a directory finder, read through the articles you find on each site, and it won’t be long before you decide which directory is best targeted for your type of article.

After confirming that the ezine content matches your article content, next you need to confirm that they are accepting articles, preferably free. If you have a way of knowing who their audience is, fine. If not, that can at least wait until your article begins to attract feedback responses.

Having satisfied yourself that this is the directory on which to publish your article, next you’ll need to approach the editor (all ezine directories have editors who will either accept or reject your articles, based on a number of criteria).

Meanwhile there are things you need to bear in mind when approaching an editor:

After reading some articles on their website, subscribe or sign-up with the ezine. Write a note commending them for the quality of articles on their ezine. Offer to submit your articles to them for review and possible publication.

Thank them for their time. Respond promptly when your attention is needed. Remember that editors are very busy people, so keep all your emails brief and to the point.

If your articles are approved for publication on their ezine, good luck to you. That means massive exposure for your business. And if the readers take action based on what you wrote, then your article will have achieved its purpose.

Always ensure you include a “resource box” at the end of your articles. This is where you invite the impressed reader to follow you, so to speak!

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