MLM Top Producers have a few things in common no mater what company the represent. If success or failure in MLM (and pretty much any other activity) can be pinned down to one single factor, it is habit.

Yes, we know that sheer luck, bad-timing, and things going this way rather than that can all play a part in how our efforts turn out.
But, everything considered, it seems obvious that a person’s habits in life play a FAR GREATER role in determining how things will turn out for them than any number of those other factors.

That is what often determines who succeeds and who will fail even among people of comparable talents.

The scope of this article won’t allow us to examine the general population. So we’ll only be comparing Apple for Apple, so to speak.

For obvious reasons we’ll be considering the common traits or habits that runs through all successful network marketers, even when these live across continents and barely know themselves.

These habits also hold true among successful people in other occupations. But let’s focus on MLM, after all that’s why you are here!

Here are Seven common habits you’ll observe in every successful network marketer:

They are dogged in their Determination: they decide from the beginning that they’ll see the business through, no matter what. This is a mentality or attitude that states that there’s success waiting for you somewhere, but that you have to pass through several hurdles to claim it.

Is that your attitude? Just know that you can’t succeed without it, because every business comes with a set of challenges. Only a ‘no matter what’ attitude can see you through any challenge.

They are Flexible: what if you discover that your methods aren’t working, will you get out of your comfort zone and do what will bring a change? Successful people are flexible and hold themselves accountable for what’s happening in their business; they don’t blame it on their sponsors or the company. Passing blames only entrenches a mistake, ensuring they won’t ever get corrected.

They get their Priorities right: it’s not enough to be working hard all day. Successful people in this business are well aware that only two things bring money in MLM: product sales, and recruiting new members.

So they spend over 90% of their time on these. Enough said.
They learn from their mistakes: every human in every activity will make mistakes. In themselves, mistakes are not altogether bad.

Our response is the key thing. Whereas unsuccessful people often quit at the point they discover they’ve been terribly wrong, successful people (in every business!) see these flops as opportunities to refine their approach—and they often come up with a better way to approach things.

They’re not in a hurry: success takes time. It typically takes the average person 4-7 months to start seeing results from their marketing campaigns, and maybe even longer to earn their first reasonable check in MLM. Are you willing to wait? Successful network marketers are usually prepared to be patient.

They keep learning about what works: nothing else will keep you ahead of the pack in MLM more than constantly educating yourself about the best and latest methods to market your online business. Moreover, the way this business works, those who know the most will attract the most prospects and customers.

They don’t bet on a cure-all method: successful people do not believe that there is “one last secret” to MLM Success, for, indeed, there is no such thing.

It is the assumption that there is a single panacea to success in MLM that drives impatient MLM newbies into the hands of scammers. If there’s any secret to MLM prosperity, then it lies in consistently implementing the strategies listed above, no matter the initial result.

Finally, remember that success is a journey, not a destination. As such, it is the continuous movement in a particular direction that will see you Succeed In MLM. When you practice the success principles outlined above, they become a habit that will surely earn you the success you desire.

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