Here are the 6 MLM mistakes you need to avoid when just starting out. Take it or leave it, Multi-Level Marketing, also known as network marketing or more loosely as home business has not only come to stay, it is also becoming a bit of a phenomenon these days.

It is now found in virtually every industry segment. And it keeps churning out millionaires in the millions, every year. At a time, it looked like the activities of scammers were going to seriously affect the growth and acceptability of this brand of business.

Not anymore. Discerning home business owners now know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. At the moment, it has become obvious that only you can prevent you from succeeding in this activity.

In other words, most times when persons fail in network marketing, it is often traceable to avoidable mistakes. Let’s now talk about 6 mistakes you should avoid when building your MLM business.

Avoid “Overnight Millionaire” Promises: Unless you win a jackpot (which means you’ve been playing, anyway), no activity can make you a millionaire in a fortnight. It’s really strange how often this bait has been successfully used by scammers.

But it’s even stranger how often people fall for it. Could it be that people no longer believe that hard work pays, or is there a more fundamental cause, such as the inherent greed in man?

Anyway, the point is, nearly all business proposals that sound too good to be true end up not being true. So going for any business that promises you’ll appear on Forbes 500 richest men in a few weeks’ time is worse than gambling. If you can hardly believe it, better don’t.

Avoid any and all network companies that place Undue Emphasis on Recruiting New Members: They probably don’t have credible products to market. Yes, I know, this is “network marketing,” but stay away from MLM companies where the incomes you earn are from payments submitted by new members and they do not have a real product.

That’s how illegal scams typically operate. No business with such a structure has ever survived for long.

Avoid Those That Lack Team Support: You can’t do it all. All businesses, most especially network marketing, depends so much on team effort. Especially when just starting out, you’re going to need various forms of support from both your upline and the company itself.

If the MLM company you are considering doesn’t posses any support structure, you’ll find it a lot harder to get on your feet.

Beware of those that parade Low Quality or Very Expensive Products: Just because a network marketing tag is hung around a product doesn’t make a bad product good. Don’t accept to sell products you’d have qualms recommending to a family member.

Also, don’t join a company whose products leave deep holes in the pocket. Even if you make sizable commission from the sale of one product, how many can you reasonably hope to sell in order to grow your MLM?

Reject Any That Promises Easy Money: Some methods of earning money may be easier than others, but none is totally effortless. You won’t ever make any serious money in any business if you don’t work hard and invest your time and other resources into it. So if any MLM company promises to make you rich just for joining, move on.

Avoid Any That Forbids You To Think!: “Join now; opportunity will be gone tomorrow.” Sounds familiar, right? Yes, they’ll make you think if you don’t join now you’ll regret it in your old age. It’s all scam! Real opportunities don’t try to impede your judgment.

There should always be room for people to join tomorrow and forever—yes, the business must have existed for quite some time, with proof it’s going to be around for the foreseeable future. That’s also saying you should not join any MLM company unless you’ve done some research on it.

I hope you found the above hints instructive. Failure to do these basic things has been responsible for the frustrations and failures experienced by many new network marketers.

But as the ancient Babylonians said, ‘every fool must learn’. What about you? Remember, it’s a lot better to learn from the mistakes of others: you won’t live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself!

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