Who can succeed in MLM is a very hard question to answer. How can you really succeed in MLM is a different task for each person. Fortunately MLM is not one of those money games where others have to lose before you can make money.

Even then, not all persons succeed in MLM. This is a fact we must all accept. MLM after all is a business, and as is true of all other businesses, there are traits and habits that must be cultivated before success can follow.

Now did I hear you say ‘can I do it?’? Well, let me begin by saying that anybody can succeed in any business endeavor, including MLM—provided they are willing to do what it takes to succeed in it.

There are certain habits that are necessary for success in every activity. People who have succeeded in any business did so because they possessed or developed those necessary habits.

Now instead of languishing in self-pity or wallowing in envy, wouldn’t it be better to try and find out what habits successful network marketers had cultivated that helped them succeed, and then try and develop such habits? Fortunately, habits can be learned.

Now, if all successful network marketers were to be assembled under one roof and interviewed, what common thread are we likely to notice in their answers to MLM success? Well, if you ever desired to master MLM success principles, then what you’re reading right now may well be the most important message you’ve ever read.

It turns out that successful marketers DO have things in common—but it’s not what you’d think. No, they were not all born geniuses. Some, like Mike Dillard, one of the industry’s top authorities, confessed that he ‘was NOT a born marketer’ and that when he first started out, his ‘mind would occasionally go blank due to nervousness.’

They also didn’t all have to cut their teeth in the corporate world as a prerequisite for success in MLM—many have actually succeeded in MLM partly thanks to spectacular failures as corporate employees.
Here are traits that the top dogs have in common that you should try and develop.

Determination: You should be determined to succeed even in the face of serious challenges. Have you noticed that in every business many people have failed at the same time many others have succeeded? It all comes down to one factor: determination. determination. determination. No, it’s not a typo.

Look friend, unless you have a strong reason why you cannot possibly quit, any other skill you may possess will come to naught—fast talker, eloquent speaker, great organizer, name it. There will be times when quitting seems like the only reasonable thing to do. These other talents won’t help you if you are not resolutely determined to continue.

Consistency: Do you have a reputation for finishing (or continuing) what you started? If you don’t, develop it, because you’re going to need it if you hope to succeed in MLM. Every business venture, just like a tree, requires time to grow and bear fruit, or profits.

Nothing worthwhile ever starts and grows over night. A measure of efforts and TIME must be invested into it, consistently. This is what guarantees success in MLM, or any other business activity for that matter.

Creativity: Creativity will help you to make inroads where other folks see only obstacles. As an independent representative, you need to be constantly thinking up profitable and problem-solving ideas of your own as well leveraging on those of other successful marketers.

Discipline: View your MLM business as what it is—a business. Yes you’re now working from home. But that’s no reason to adopt a lazy attitude towards the activity. Wake up when you should. Do what should be done and when they ought to be done. Take appointments very seriously—both online and offline appointments.

Without discipline, you cannot follow up on prospects; neither would you be at a training venue when you should. Meanwhile all these are vital to growing and succeeding in MLM. You simply can’t hope to succeed in anything without self-discipline, and MLM is no exception.
Be ready to learn: MLM is a knowledge industry.

Only those who continue to learn and implement new ideas can hope to achieve lasting success here. Lead generation and recruiting, for examples, are two MLM strategies which techniques continue to evolve.

Lead generation or recruiting methods of only a few years ago cannot yield good results today. This calls for continuous learning and fine-tuning of strategies on your part as a marketer. You also need to first love the products or services you intend to market before loving the money.

We can go on and on. But the idea in this article is not to dazzle you with an impressive list of dos and don’ts of MLM success principles. The top earners in network marketing actually have a reputation for keeping things simple. So if you can apply these six success principles in your MLM marketing, be assured that MLM success is within your reach.

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