How to increase traffic to your MLM website is a question that keeps most network marketers working hard everyday to master. In network marketing, traffic generation translates to lead generation, which translates to recruiting, which translates to income. Generating traffic to your MLM website is therefore one of your most important tasks as a network marketer.

It should be one of your topmost priorities. Many network marketers who ply their trade on the internet either fail to understand this fact, or they make mistakes with it. Fortunately, traffic generation is not as difficult as some consider it.

In fact there are countless ways you can drive traffic to your MLM website. Below, I present 6 of the best ways to generate website traffic regardless of your budget.

Forum Posting: If you consistently contribute original and helpful information at forums, you’ll get noticed and also build sizable credibility. So find ways to contribute to forums regularly, especially those relevant to your niche market.

In no time people will begin to email you asking for more information. And you guessed where they’ll end up; your website. Just ensure there’s something interesting for every visitor you’ve invited!

Write and Submit Articles: You’ll need to regularly write (or have an expert write for you) original articles that are specifically targeted, and submit these to article directories, such as or Each article should focus on a specific aspect of Multi-Level Marketing or the MLM industry itself.

The subjects you treat in your articles should be topical, i.e. it should address something about MLM that people want to understand better. Now these articles should be SEO optimized for good Search Engine results.

The idea is to ensure that your article should appear on the first page of Google whenever someone types in any of the words relating to your niche.

This way, network marketers looking for information and tools to build their business will stop and read the article, and follow you all the way to your website. And did I tell you to include a link to your website at the resource box of the article submission page? This is very important.

Go Blogging: Some marketers underestimate the usefulness of blogs. But a well optimized blog can easily be picked up by search engines. Just ensure you post fresh and useful contents to your blog, at least thrice a week. Your blog should also contain a prominent link to your MLM website.

Create and Use “Link Baits”: These are essentially contents on your website which invites visitors to link back to it. This way, any visitor who enjoys the content of your website will link you back to their own website.

This in turn can put them in position to get updates on latest happenings at your MLM website, and they are likely to visit your site again for details.

Give Away Free E-Books: Write or acquire rich-content e-books and offer these to people for free. Humans will forever like free things. A topical e-book being offered for free is sure to attract people to your website. For added effect, you can use an e-book as an incentive to get people to join your mailing list.

Ensure a good Quality Content Website: Having quality contents is probably one of the best ways to increase traffic to your MLM website. Articles and other contents on your site should be free from spelling and grammatical errors. Aim at repeat visitors.

And don’t forget that visitors who enjoy their visit to your site will likely recommend it to others—free advert and traffic for you. But this won’t happen unless your website contains well-written and interesting content.

Virtually all the tips I’ve shared with you here are things you can implement for free—or with minimal budget. Of course there are other forms of traffic generation that call for substantial financial costs—paid ad campaigns that can also yield you traffic.

For one thing, they’re a bit complicated and expensive, and should not be for the marketer who’s just starting out.

And for another, they’ve not been conclusively proven to be superior to these nearly-free methods of generating traffic to your MLM website. What is not in doubt however is that you do need website traffic—lots of it.

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