Norbert Orlewicz has literally seen it all in MLM—multiple failures, frustrations, scrappy products that were never meant to work, rejections, and dramatic levels of personal success. His is a case of ‘been there, done that.’

So no matter what stage you are at the moment as a network marketer, a review of Norbert Orlewicz’s experience will no doubt benefit you in some ways.

Let me start by asking you how long you think you can endure before abandoning a business opportunity that isn’t giving you desired results—1, 2, 3, or 4 years? Norbert endured SIX long years before he began to realize his MLM dream.

After six years of spending more money than he was making; Six years of despair and rejections. The average person would’ve thrown in the towel long before then, and thus fail to reap the harvest that was sure to come. Norbert Orlewicz has therefore proven once again that network marketing is not a get-rich-quick-scheme.’ In this business, you’ll need to persevere.

But we can learn even more by examining why Norbert had to struggle in MLM for so long. His long road to success can be attributed to just one factor: pressing the wrong buttons. He was relying too much on outdated, ineffective, and laborious strategies to market his MLM—such as pestering friends and family members to join. Sounds familiar? Maybe.

But for as long as Norbert relied on those ‘old-school’ strategies, he witnessed no growth in his MLM. It wasn’t until he discovered and embraced technology-driven marketing strategies, especially attraction marketing principles, before he began to record exponential growth in his network marketing business. The first six weeks of implementing these tested strategies, he made $25, 000. And ever since then, the cash has simply been rolling in.

This is particularly instructive in view of the high failure rate in MLM, and indeed all other personal businesses. As long as you continue to do the same wrong thing (i.e. adopting the same wrong approach), you are not likely to see success.

But the moment you begin to implement tested and trusted strategies in your marketing, then it won’t take long before you’ll see positive results.

Above all, Norbert Orlewicz’s failures and success have equally demonstrated that any network marketing strategy that fails to leverage modern technology, especially internet resources, has no future. 

Norbert is presently one of the most renowned MLM trainers. He is also the co-founder of the number one Attraction Marketing System called MLM Lead System Pro.  And everyone involved with his websites, affiliate programs, and emails are now channeled to his main company. He principally uses this program to train marketers on how to succeed in their MLM.

But there are things anyone considering Norbert Orlewicz’s CCP should bear in mind. Carbon Copy Pro trains you on ways to earn upfront income in a direct sales business. But unlike the traditional MLM opportunity, the training you get here may not help you if you are into Multi-Level Marketing that promises residual incomes.

 That means you should only consider CCP if you’re interested in faster income through direct sales of products. But if you are more interested in long-term residual income, then Norbert Orlewicz’s Carbon Copy Pro may not suit your needs.  Joining CCP is not free. But if you work hard and follow the mentor’s (Norbert Orlewicz’s) recommendations, chances are you’ll reap a rich reward.

Does that make Norbert a fake? Not really. The man himself is highly regarded by all who know him. He is generally considered to be both a successful and an honest businessman; one who has paid his dues and who is now reaping the fruitage of his experience in MLM.

Furthermore, the decision as to whether or not to buy into his primary opportunity, is a personal one that you make only after considering your personal objectives in network marketing.

In the end, Norbert Orlewicz’s experience in MLM can actually help you to approach YOUR OWN network marketing business in ways that should make it easier for you to succeed.

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