MLM Recruiting is the most important aspect of running an MLM networking business. And for most networkers, it is also the most frightening. So wouldn’t it be nice to finally know what works and what doesn’t in network marketing recruiting? In order words, what do million-dollar MLM earners do in recruiting that the average networkers is not doing?

The truth is that MLM recruiting is not rocket science if you do it right. The following are guidelines you should consider ever before calling your first lead. Take these to heart and you should see a marked improvement in your recruiting rates, or ignore them and remain a friend of excuses.

Show Genuine Interest: Caring is one trait you must not ignore. Your primary focus should be on helping people and empowering them. All top recruiters in network marketing manifest a sense of caring and compassion toward their leads or prospects.

You show this by doing what’s best for your leads rather than what’s best for earning you quick bucks—which may not last. Supply useful information that will solve real problems or answer real questions for people. Remember, if you first care about people, chances are they’ll care when you eventually introduce your product or business opportunity.

Communicate Often: You are in Multi-Level Marketing. So you can’t help but to keep talking. But more importantly, you should communicate in ways that get your messages across. Talk frequently to a whole lot of people, but choose your words carefully.

Focus on the other person and keep the conversation flowing in that direction. Be friendly and non-manipulative in your communication with prospects (and pretty much with everybody!).

Don’t Sound Needy! Most marketers make this mistake. In your recruiting efforts, never give the lead the impression that their joining matters more to you than to them. If you “beg” them to join they won’t. So project a positive and dignified personality.

People are attracted to someone who is in some sense higher than where they are in life—higher in self worth, abundance, knowledge etc. This also means you should not become emotionally attached to your prospect. It gives the impression that you’re just out for the money, and away they fly once they sense that!

Make a Connection: This essentially means finding a common ground between you and your prospects. What are their needs or interests?  Connect to those needs and interests. The whole idea is to befriend your prospect. It is easier to recruit a friend than a stranger, isn’t it?

Continue to Learn: You see, knowledge drives this industry. So if you truly want to master MLM recruiting, then you just have to keep on learning and keep on improving in the various aspects of your marketing efforts.

This will put you in a position where you’ll always have value to give to prospects. The more problems you can solve, the more friends you’ll make. As far as recruiting is concerned, Knowledge really is everything.

Finally, Be Consistent in Your Recruiting Efforts: Consistency will see you through the rough periods that every business must experience. Follow up on leads and connect meaningfully with them. Remember that it may take longer to recruit some prospects than others.

These guidelines, if faithfully followed, should see you beginning to enjoy your MLM business, as well as becoming a recruiting guru. Moreover, I would think it’s impossible to succeed in MLM itself without implementing any number of these points.  

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