Is MLM the right business for you? The economy is hurting. And many people are gradually realizing that the HARDEST way to achieve financial security is to work for government or corporations. At the same time, MLM and other work- from-home opportunities are becoming more and more popular.

It is now commonplace to hear of very ordinary folks who only a few years ago were just getting by now commanding six-figure in annual income, working from home. Others have developed their network marketing businesses to a level where they now enjoy the kind of life some of us can only dream of.

 Unfortunately MLM also has some bad reputation. You probably know or have heard about someone who lost hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to run a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity. These things happen. But does that mean that MLM is a bad business? In view of the contrasting results people are having in MLM, it is pertinent to ask: is MLM right for you?

Multi-Level Marketing or network Marketing is a popular business choice for people who desire to make extra money from home. It has really evolved over the years. It is now promoted and practiced in virtually every country and every industry segment. 

The opportunity is real, and the vast majority of income claims are true. And, as opposed to get-rich-quick schemes, MLM are legitimate business ventures that can be approached in a most professional manner.

So, is MLM right for you? Well, let’s see: Do you really have a strong desire to make money running your own business? Do you enjoy working with people? Are you good at organizing, or are you willing to learn? Do you have a plan for success that you’ll stick to, come what may, for up to 5 years? Are you open to coaching and self-improvement?

Additionally, but not necessarily, are you a fast talker, or a public speaker? If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you’ll do well in MLM. It is right for you.

Start by choosing a dependable company with a good track record, proven products, uncomplicated compensation plan, and a rich pool of successful upline team leaders that are willing to work with downlines. This will take some searching on your part, but it is very important.

Do not fall for glamorous opportunities that sound too good to be true. Do your home-work well. This will prevent you from jumping from one opportunity to the other—which itself is a recipe for failure in MLM.

Once you’ve chosen a reliable opportunity, get focused. Do not be swayed by claims from other marketers in other opportunities (by the way, these may well be true, but who says you won’t have your own success stories to tell soon?). Don’t quit and don’t jump around. The winners in MLM are those who stay put and overcome all challenges.

The question of if MLM is right for one actually depends on an individual’s point of view. This business (MLM) does have its pros and cons. Having realistic expectations and observing due diligence before getting in are essential.

Consistent action and commitment are also very important. Above all, do not look at network marketing as get-rich-quick scheme. If you do, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.

Over all, I’m convinced that starting a MLM business with the right company is the quickest and easiest way to financial freedom today, provided you’re prepared to work hard, learn how to generate daily leads and work smart.       


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