MLM is a business that you need to generate a steady flow of MLM leads daily to be successful. Starting a new business may be one of the most exciting experiences anyone can ever have.

Yes, the prospect of setting your own work schedule, working from your own office (or maybe even home), and writing your own checks usually give us that adrenaline rush.

But we all know that very few of those starting new businesses remain excited one year or so afterward. In the case of network marketing, only about 5% will still be smiling one year after launching their MLM.

The vast majority of people who fail in MLM fail because they are unable to generate leads. It’s not that many don’t know that lead generation is the lifeblood of this business. But they go about it the wrong way—pestering friends, relatives and coworkers with their business opportunity.

As long as you continue to pitch your business opportunity to people who are not interested in what you’re saying, you won’t succeed in this business.

You need to know that most persons don’t have any reason to be as excited as you are about your business opportunity.
So how do you generate good, qualified, and sustainable MLM leads?

Attraction marketing is one term that’s fast assuming an iconic status, sort of a buzzword in the network marketing world. And for a lot of very good reasons.

Call it self-branding, magnetic sponsoring, or any other name, attraction marketing is now known to be the most successful, most economical, and the most efficient method of lead generation and recruiting in network marketing business.

The goal is to attract people to yourself, rather than having to hunt them down with cold calls. The key principle of attraction marketing is that people would rather do business with someone they find attractive. And the strategy works—why else is it getting more and more popular!

To implement this strategy, begin your marketing efforts by identifying your prospects’ goals, and solving their problems. Allow your business opportunity to take the backseat for now.

Attraction marketing is all about learning what attracts people—and doing it. Now, almost everybody is attracted to those who they believe they can learn something from.

So naturally you need to be well-informed about both your business opportunity and what you believe your prospects are interested in. Then find ways to show your possible pool of customers just how valuable you can be to them.

Also, if you are up-to-date on all subjects surrounding your business, people will flock to you to learn the latest. They will look up to you as a reliable source of information—an authority.

That is how trust is built. And when people look to you as an authority, they will want to get involved in what you’re doing. Remember to exhibit poise and politeness in your marketing approach. Be open to sharing useful information, and you’ll generate a load of leads.

The sweetest thing about attraction marketing is that you are not going to harass anyone to join your business or buy your product. The strategy is about establishing trust in people. Your prospects feel relaxed and in charge.

They often make the decision themselves that they want to join your business. And if you ever have to introduce your business along the way, you’ll discover that their mind was already made up to follow you!

The truth is that when customers come to you willingly, they’re more open to seeing the benefits of what you are saying. If they feel pressured or hunted, they become suspicious and run away. That is where 95% of the newbies get it wrong and fail in MLM.

By applying attraction marketing strategies, you’ll discover that generating quality and steady MLM leads daily is not as difficult as it seems.

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