MLM Article Marketing can be the key to your success in your present company. I assume you’re reading this piece because you’re a network marketer. I also believe you want to know how to generate steady leads to your website or blog—preferably free.

That means you already have a website designed to showcase your expertise in the MLM industry. Good. Your next task is to find people who’ll stop over to examine you and your business opportunity.

Not too long ago, the Multi-Level Marketing strategy was to sign-up with a company, make a list of your closest friends and relatives, show them some products, and get them to sign-up too, then ask your friends for twenty of their friends, and so on. No need asking you how easy that was. We should rather rejoice in the fact that things have moved on since those early days.

Right now there’re many far easier ways to locate people who’re already favorably disposed to building a home-based business. In the paragraphs that follow, you’ll learn how to profitably use article writing to market your MLM business.

Trust me; this strategy is not only easier, it is also a more effective method of generating free leads than going round your friends with another “big opportunity.”

How to generate free leads through article writing is the strategy of marketing your MLM by article writing, it is not entirely new on the internet scene. Many online businesses have employed this strategy to drive massive traffic and generate leads to their websites.

It works like magic when properly executed. But it is only of late that the average MLM entrepreneur has woken up to the great lead-generating potentials of article writing.

To maximize the potentials of article writing, there are some prerequisites (or basic things) you ought to implement. First, you should get yourself a website or blog. This website or blog should not be about your products or business opportunity.

But rather, it should be about you the marketer and your expertise in the MLM industry. It’s been conclusively proven that people buy into an individual first before buying into the person’s business opportunity. So this website or blog should celebrate you and advertize you as a leader in your niche.

This way you’ll be able to interact with numerous friendly visitors even before you introduce your opportunity. Do it the other way round and they fly off like frightened birds!

Next, start writing articles on specific aspects of home-based businesses or the MLM industry. Ensure you incorporate the basics of SEO in your articles.

The idea is to ensure that your article appears on the first page of Google whenever someone types in any of the words relating to your niche area, i.e. “leads” or “e-mail list” or “magnetic sponsoring” etc. You could do a little search on Search Engine Optimization for details on SEO concept.

Your article should be in the range of 500-750 words, nothing too lengthy. And they should each focus on a specific area of the MLM business: list-building, lead generation, attraction marketing, list retention, etc. These should be thoroughly proof-read and then submitted to prime article websites like EzineArticles and GoArticles.

I would recommend EzineArticles. They’re currently the biggest and the best known. Also there is a great program called My Article Wizard this program can help you save time by submitting your articles to hundreds of directories all at once.

Most importantly, make sure you provide a link to your website at the resource box of the article submission page—why else are you submitting the article if it’s not to convert article readers to website visitors! Also, include a little information about yourself in the resource box.

Ideally you should set the goal of writing three articles each day during the first month. That’ll translate to 90 web links out there for your website. Imagine how much traffic these will channel to you! If you repeat this Article Marketing process for 4-6 straight months, you’ll be amazed by how many leads you’ll generate on a daily basis.

Moreover, a few years from now you could still be reaping the traffic gains of articles submitted today. This is in fact the greatest attraction of article-generated leads.

Remember too that there’s no better way to ad value to your blog than to have a steady flow of informative articles. That’s how most visitors judge the status and worth of a blog. Articles also encourage sign-ups to your lists that you should be building.

You can allow reprint rights for the articles. So get down to article writing today. Submit them to reputable directories I recommend using EzinesArticles first. Drive free traffic to your site, and start converting the free leads into prospects!

If you would like more information on writing articles visit Article Marketing Training.

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