Mike Dillard’s PPC Domination course was created to teach people how to use Google Adwords to generate leads for their MLM business. There are no two ways about it: traffic volume is the single most important determinant of success or failure in online business.

In order to succeed in your online business, you need constant and high amount of traffic driven to your website. Meanwhile, as a new online marketer, paid ad campaigns might not suite your budget.

You are therefore left with the choice of deciding how to generate the traffic that your website most definitely needs. Are you going to take the free traffic route or will you employ paid traffic programs such as Google’s PPC (short for Pay Per Click)?

In terms of return on investment (ROI) free traffic is surely your best friend. Here you don’t spend any out-of-pocket money to get traffic. Marketing your website through articles for example doesn’t cost you a cent as long as you can and have the time to write them. But the downside is that the traffic you generate through this route might not be as targeted as when it comes through paid ad campaigns.

And too, free traffic is a labor-intensive advertising technique. To get appreciable amount of traffic, you’ll need to constantly advertise, and to constantly market your website to get it exposed to prospective customers.

Plus, when you submit your well-written articles to directories, you wait for these to be vetted before it could be read by the public. That could take 10 days. So what all these mean is that the free marketing strategy is not for everyone.

Here’s the other option: the paid traffic. This is the realm of AdWords. You pay Google and co. a specific amount of money for an advert that takes a potential customer directly to your website. People use search engines everyday to find information and products.

Having your business name pop up each time the result page shows up will greatly increase the chances of people clicking on your site and following through. They have to find your site before they can take advantage of what you have to offer.

But PPC advertising has its own risks (what doesn’t?). As a result, many internet marketers choose to avoid PPC marketing programs. But isn’t there a way to reap the benefits of PPC advertising while eliminating or at least minimizing the risks?

The creators of PPC Domination, Jim Yagi and Mike Dillard believe they’ve discovered the formula. Jim Yagi is an Adwords veteran, and he can as well take all the credit for the development of this program. But he has decided to team up with the legendary Mike Dillard on this training course, for maximum effect I suppose.

PPC Domination is basically a training course designed to teach users ways to generate free leads using Google Adwords. It takes users through the following steps:

• Ways to set up an Adwords account in as little as 13 minutes

• How to conduct your Adwords advertising for free—and even make money from each ad!

• How to legally “clone” the branding power of richer, more powerful competitors

• A “Crash course” on writing Adwords headlines (if you know anything at all about Adwords, then you’re surely aware that your headline is the most important part of your Google ads.)

• A proven way to eliminate almost 100% of the risks associated with Adwords advertising (remember people are scared of Adwords, not because it’s not effective, but because they’re afraid of losing more money than they may make)

• How to make prospects eager to visit your website—even before they click your advert!

The course also shows ways to change the color of your Google ads to make them stick out and noticed. This is based on Jim Yagi’s careful analyses of Google’s software and keyword patterns.

No doubt, PPC Domination is an aspect of PPC marketing. There are many training courses that you can find on the internet. The only difference I see through my research is that this is the only traffic generating course designed exclusively for network marketers.

Network marketing comes with lots of unique challenges. Advertising battle is one you must win if you hope to stay alive, or stay noticed amidst the maze of competitors.

Since PPC Domination has the potential to get you noticed and get you major daily traffic, I would think that it would be a good idea to research and find out more about this training if you are in MLM and are thinking about using PPC to build your list. The more coaching, training and advertising skills you get would be well worth the time it takes you to do your research.

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