In This Article You will learn Hidden Facebook MLM Marketing Secrets. FACEBOOK, right now, is one of the hottest places to build your Network Marketing business, if you know how.


The advertising is free, and it is often many times more effective than some of the paid advertising methods. I can get about 10-15 people a day coming to my website, or contacting me about my business, from Facebook alone.


Marketing Tips:

1)    Make A LIST: Get a list of 50 or more Network Marketing companies. Why? because Network Marketers will be your target market. They already are in the industry you do not have to sell them on MLM.


But if you can help other network marketers reach their goals, you will often be the person in the industry that they look up to and, if you follow this plan, a percentage of them will come to you asking to join your business.


That’s right, no more chasing family and friends, and anyone within three feet of you they will ask to join you! Your next target market will be people actively seeking home based business opportunities. You can find them in Facebook groups under topics like “entrepreneur,” or “work from home,” and big names in the industry like “Mike Dillard,” or “Donald Trump.”

2)    JOIN GROUPS: Search 10 Facebook groups a day related to each company, or name, on your list. Join them. Don’t join more than 4 per day. If you join to many groups at once Facebook will delete your account trust me. I’ve been kicked off and I am speaking from first hand knowledge. They have much stricter rules than other social sites. So build your friend list wisely.

3)    POST: Post a short advertisement on the Wall of each group you joined. You can be creative here, but follow these guidelines: a) don’t market your business opportunity when you first introduce yourself to people b) provide valueable information that your target market can use, c) don’t come off as a salesperson and d) keep it short.


Trust me on this, if you want to learn how to use Facebook to promote your business, don’t lead with your business and compensation plan, you will be completely wasting your time.


I’ll explain the reason for this in greater detail in some of my other posts. Add a link at the end of the post that sends them to your website. Don’t use your MLM Company’s website for this.


You need a personal site, with a lead capture page to get their contact information and then learn how to promote yourself as a leader. You can find this information at MLM SPONSORING SECRETS   if you are a network marketer interested in this type of tool and training for your MLM or online business.

4)    ADD FRIENDS: Pick one of the groups each day and add between 10-15 new friends a day. Write out a short message ahead of time that says A.) How you found them on that group, and B) that you are trying to connect with people in your target industry. If you get a Pink warning from Facebook, quit for the day, and scale down your promotion the next time or wait a couple of days before you start again. Remember too many warnings and Facebook will delete your account.

5)    START A GROUP: Create your own Facebook Group. This is the best way how to use Facebook to promote your business. The group should NOT be about your network marketing company. It should be about a useful marketing or networking strategy that can be of benefit to all network marketers. Here are some examples “Twitter users group,” “How to get free leads for your MLM,” “How to use Facebook to promote your MLM business,” and “MLM networking group,” use your imagination.

6)    INVITE: After you have 150 friends who are all in the Network Marketing industry, send them all an invitation to join your group that you started. Repeat this every100 friends that you ad to your friend list.

7)    Motivation AND TIPS: Once or twice a week and send your group an e-mail of some of your Motivational messages or strategies for marketing your MLM business or anything that you can think of that would be of interest to your group.

8)     INTRODUCE: Go to the Friends tab, then to Recently Added, each day. Create a list with the date (left hand side). Select the new friends one-by-one (by clicking on the right) and add them to the day’s list. Go to the Inbox tab, then to Compose. Use the list as the address; it will insert all the newly added friends.


 Send them a message introducing yourself as a mentor, MLM coach, entrepreneur, or any title you like that positions you as an expert in the industry.


 Don’t worry, if you’re not an expert yet, all you have to do is know a few more things than they do about how to use Facebook to market their business, and you are instantly an expert on that topic. And, of course, follow my training, and you will not only become an expert, but a top earner in the industry. And lastly, in your message to them, invite them to join your Facebook group.


 9)    Share information: You will soon start receiving e-mails from other Network Marketers asking for advice and help on other topics. Continue to educate yourself as you go, and help everyone you can.

10)    PROSPECT: At this point you will have created a warm market of the best prospects you could ever have. Current Networkers, they already understand network marketing you do not have to sell them on network marketing.

Bonus information: Update your “What’s on your mind” status at the top of your page every day with MLM tips and direct them to your blog so that they can learn more about you and other information that might help them build their business.

These Internet business tips can have a huge impact on the success of your MLM business.


If you are tired of struggling in MLM here is where you can find complete training from TOP Internet Marketers on how to market and build your MLM business and have people chasing you to join your MLM Business.  

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