The Law Of Attraction simple means we get out of life what we wish for. But before we can receive we first have to appreciate. Our thoughts determine what we get in life. In other words our wealth is determined by our thoughts.

People who have certain positive thoughts and perform daily activities in a certain order either accidently or on purpose get rich. On the other hand, people who have negative thoughts and who do not do things in a certain way daily, no matter how hard they work or how hard they try, remain poor.

Ask yourself a question: What would being wealthy mean to you? Do you feel you deserve to be wealthy? How would being wealthy change you?

In order to tap into the laws of the Universe we need to harness the energy of our own thoughts and feelings. We have to know what we want in life and ask for it. The Universe will give us our hearts desire if we truly believe we already have it.

The point here is to question your present way of thinking, to open your mind to new ideas, and to new ways of doing business. The more you stimulate your mind, the more you are open to the powers of the Universe.

“The Universe is a Masterpiece of Abundance. When you open yourself to feel the Abundance of the Universe, you’ll experience the Wonder, Joy, Bliss and all the great things that the Universe has for you Wealth, Health and Peace within.” ~The Secret~

What are (3) things that you appreciate in your life?

Your Thoughts, Comments and Questions?

To Your Success!
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